Yesterday afternoon Nancy Pelosi finally caved to the radical wing of her party. She announced she was backing a formal impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. The reason? A phone call neither she nor any Democrat has heard. President Trump responded with the facts, which are sure to humiliate the left
for good.

What won’t the Democrats do to persecute the Trump administration? For over two years, they pushed the lie that Trump won the election by colluding with Russia. But even Robert Mueller cleared the president’s name.

Then Democrats tried to pin an “obstruction of justice” charge against the president. But, again, Mueller gave them no evidence to do so.

What are they doing now? They are trying to impeach Trump over a phone call, based solely on the claims of an unnamed whistleblower.

This shows you how desperate and pathetic the left has become. It’s common knowledge that Democrats have very little chance of winning 2020. Many of their own have admitted the only way they can win is if they impeach Donald Trump.

For a long time, Pelosi has refused to back impeachment. But over the year, we’ve seen this sad excuse for a Speaker fold as less experienced Democrats push a radical agenda. Now, Pelosi has finally given up any shred of leadership as she lets the very worst of her party call the shots.

They want to impeach the president over a rumor about a phone call. This is how corrupt they’ve become. What’s next? Impeaching him over which salad dressing he prefers?

But Trump has some bad news for them.

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it is releasing an inspector general report on the whistleblower complaint that is at the center of Democrats’ push to impeach the president which reportedly found that the whistleblower had a bias in favor of one of Trump’s political rivals…

In response to the Democrats push for impeachment, the administration announced that it would release the full unredacted transcript of the phone call, the whistleblower complaint, the inspector general report on the whistleblower complaint, and it would allow the whistleblower to testify in front of Congress. [Source: Daily Wire]

Not only is this whistleblower a partisan hack, but he is being represented by a lawyer… that worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer!

Oh! Nothing fishy about any of that! Why should we believe the word of an unnamed person who is clearly working for the Democrats?

This is yet another chapter in the left’s ongoing, unjust attempts to undermine President Trump.

Just imagine it. They haven’t even seen the phone call transcript! They are doing this based only on the word of an unnamed whistleblower. We don’t even know who that guy is yet. But without having even a crumb of information, Democrats are pushing impeachment.

Over what? The wild claim that Trump tried to pressure a foreign country? Even though Joe Biden brags about how he held aid to Ukraine hostage in order to get a man fired. Nobody wanted Biden impeached over that. Yet these hypocrites want to impeach a president who has rejected globalists and put Americans first.

That’s the real reason Democrats hate Trump so much. He’s not a racist. He’s not a fascist. He isn’t going to turn America into Nazi Germany.

Democrats hate him because he is actually helping Americans. He’s not bowing to China and other global interests that have been buying and selling our leaders for decades. The corrupt D.C. swamp can’t stand the good Trump’s doing. So, they are looking for every pathetic scheme out there to stop him.

This one just might be the most desperate and pathetic yet.

Mark my words, when the transcript and details come out, the left will be humiliated. Their allies in the fake news will try to ditch this as fast as they can in order to save their reputation. As they’ve done so many times before.

But will you let them get away with it? Be sure to share this and spread the word. Democrats must face the penalty for their mountains of dishonesty.

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