Over the last few days, Democrats have been once again pushing impeachment.

They have all but celebrated their victory, pointing to a phone call where Trump supposedly pressured a foreign nation. But now that the phone call transcript is out—and the whistleblower complaint revealed—things don’t look so certain. In fact, it seems like President Trump has more than a little reason to go after the left.

It amazes me to think how stupid the Democrats are. Just think about this for a minute. A few days ago, we learned about an unnamed whistleblower who accused President Trump of making a “promise” to an unnamed foreign power during a phone call. That was literally all the information we had.

None of it had been verified or proven. Yet Democrats, empowered by the fake news, used this as an excuse to push impeachment.

Later we learned about a phone call Trump made with the Ukrainian president. Still, no solid facts came out, yet Nancy Pelosi caved to far-left Democrats to support an impeachment inquiry.

They didn’t know if any of the details of this “whistleblower’s” claim were true. They didn’t even know who the whistleblower was (we did know his lawyer was a Clinton crony). Despite all that, they pushed ahead with what we know is a wildly unpopular agenda.

Yesterday, President Trump released the full transcript of the phone call. Not once did he do any of the things the media accused him of. He never threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine. They said he asked a favor of the country in the form of investigating Biden. Nope! He asked a favor that Ukraine look into election meddling attempts from their country.

The whole thing was a dud. Today the whistleblower complaint will be released. Congressmen have already seen it and they’re saying there’s nothing there.

According to Rep. Chris Stewart, the complaint contains no damning information against the president. But we already knew that. This has been yet another pathetic, underhanded scheme by bitter Democrats to take down a president. All because he’s opposing their globalist agenda and putting Americans first.

But there’s more to this story. Turns out, Trump is using this as an opportunity to expose the left’s own hypocrisy. During a press conference, he revealed that Democrats traveled to Ukraine to pressure the president to do what they wanted. They even threatened to withhold aid from the country.

At the press conference, Trump specifically called attention to a little-discussed CNN report from May, which described how Democratic Sens. Robert Menendez, Dick Durbin, and Patrick Leahy pushed Ukraine’s top prosecutor not to close four investigations perceived as critical to then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — and, by Democrats’ current logic, seemingly implied that their support for U.S. aid to Ukraine was at stake. [Source: Fox News]

Wait, what!? Democrats threatened to withhold support for Ukraine unless the country did what they demanded?

That’s, exactly what they are accusing Trump of. Yet they seem to give themselves a pass when they abuse their power to bully another country.

President Trump had a frank and supportive call with Ukraine. Not once did he pressure their president or make threats. Democrats think that is enough to impeach him.

See the double standard? See how utterly corrupt and hypocritical these clowns are?

Democrats don’t care about facts or law. They don’t care about how much good Trump is doing for this country. They will try to take him down, no matter what. He doesn’t even have to do anything wrong. They will twist phone calls, letters, transcripts, photos—anything they can find if it can be used to push impeachment.

Even with all the facts on the table, Democrats will still demand Trump’s head. Just like the Russian hoax, even after Trump was cleared, the left still tried to attack him.

All because Democrats want to end the America First movement and drag us back to the Obama Dark Ages.

Sorry hacks, but that’s never going to happen.

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