Over the last week or so, the liberal media has been feverishly predicting Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Democrats in the House have been moving forward with an “inquiry” hoping to finally nail Trump and remove him from office. But the American people aren’t too excited about this agenda. In fact, they’re pretty outraged. Never missing an opportunity, Trump and his campaign reached out to the people. And this is how they responded.

If you’ve been following the circus that is the left’s attempt to impeach Trump, you know they are full of crap. Their latest scheme is to impeach President Trump over a whistleblower complaint about a phone call with Ukraine.

But before the House could even hold a vote, President Trump released the transcript of the call and the complaint. The American people got to see for themselves that there was nothing wrong with his conversation with Ukraine. And that the whistleblower complaint was full of unfactual information and inconsistencies.

Americans are watching Democrats try to impeach the president over nothing. They have allowed their hatred for Trump and his success to drive them to crazy lengths. Every poll reveals Americans are not on board with impeachment. Most believe it’s bad for the country. Yet Democrats know they can’t win 2020 if Trump is running. And now that even Nancy Pelosi’s committed to impeachment, they have to push forward—facts and truth be damned.

If they vote to impeach Trump, it all moves to the Senate where a trial will be held. Trump will be found innocent, but Democrats just might be exposed for all their wrong. If the House doesn’t vote to impeach, they will be humiliated and lose support from their crazy base. It’s a win-win for Trump.

But the president’s not waiting to score a win from this charade. He reached out to supporters right after Pelosi jumped on the impeachment grenade. And in only 24 hours, Trump raised a record haul.

In the 24 hours following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement she would launch an impeachment inquiry targeting the president, the Trump campaign and the GOP raised $5 million in small-dollar donations. Additionally, two fundraisers for the campaign scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday nights were expected to raise another $8 million, meaning the Trump campaign would have raised $13 million in less than three days…

Brad Parscale, the Trump 2020 campaign manager, tweeted: “In the 24 hours since news of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment announcement, @realDonaldTrump’s campaign & @GOPhave BLOWN OUT fundraising!” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is pretty huge. Trump has always been great at getting Democrats to help him fundraise. But this time, they’ve really put him over the top.

According to the report, Trump got $5 million in one day. $13 million in just three days. Brad Parscale emphasizes that this huge haul was from small-dollar donations. That’s $200 or less. Meaning millions of regular Americans (not the rich elite) opened their wallets to support the president—just as the Democrats and media are calling for his impeachment.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a Democrat right about now, I’d be extremely worried. Americans are clearly NOT in support of impeachment. They are sending big bucks to Trump to make sure he gets re-elected.

They are watching Democrats try to impeach an innocent man. Any Democrat that supports or moves forward with impeachment will be in big trouble come 2020. Americans will remember how these lawmakers ignored their wishes to attack the president. Will you re-elected partisan con men who hate President Trump that much?

Neither will I.

Democrat voters, on the other hand, will be discouraged when the impeachment push fizzles out. They will not want to back congressmen who either backed down or failed to remove the president. House Democrats have doomed themselves with their impeachment inquiry. They banked everything on empty allegations. It is the nothing-burger of nothing-burgers.

Meanwhile, Trump is sitting back, counting his contributions.

I wonder what the left will do next to secure his re-election?

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