Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is supposed to represent voters in New York City. Yet since entering office, she’s done nothing to help them. Now, she is trying to impose a massive burden on taxpayers in order to bailout… you’ll never guess, taxi drivers!

AOC got into office by promising to abolish ICE. I guess her Queens district really liked that idea. She’s been in office since January. Not once has she put forward that idea in Congress.

She did push a radical environmental agenda called the “Green New Deal.” This terrible list of demands would utterly destroy our economy and send us back to the Dark Ages (literally). It went nowhere, even with the House under liberal control.

It seems like AOC has done little to help voters from New York. Does she even care about her own district? I guess not. Because, thanks to her meddling, she killed a deal between New York and Amazon. That cost the city billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs.

So, I guess AOC’s “leadership” is affecting the city. In a terrible, terrible way.

Realizing she is supposed to be doing something for New Yorkers, she’s come up with a half-cocked, unrealistic, and ultimately stupid idea. She knows that New York cab drivers are in a really bad situation. Thanks to Uber and other, much better, services, few people bother with New York’s yellow taxis. They are earning less money than ever before. But they have to pay for an outrageous license from the city.

What is AOC’s solution? Force YOU to pay for their license!

On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) demanded that American taxpayers foot the bill to bail out New York City’s taxi cab drivers who took out loans in order to pay for taxi medallion costs that were artificially inflated by the Democrat-led city government.

“These taxi drivers need a bailout because this is not just about predatory collection practices … this is manufactured financial indentured servitude and it is wrong,” Ocasio-Cortez argued during a congressional hearing on lending. “We need to bailout these drivers, and I would like to invite my colleagues here on the federal level and our partners on the city level to make sure they get the job done.”

Taxi cab drivers in the Big Apple are required to obtain a medallion in order to operate in the city legally. Intending to prevent a surplus of cabs, the New York City government has been artificially limiting the number of medallions it will issue. Today, there are currently only 13,587 medallions issued. That is only two medallions more than when the program was first created in 1937, despite a population growth of more than 1 million. [Source: Daily Wire]

So, let me get this straight. New York City’s liberal government has been screwing over cab drivers since 1937. They are forcing them to compete over a shockingly small number of medallions. Cabbies have to pay upwards of $1 million dollars just to buy a medallion as a result.

But instead of demanding the city change it’s policies, AOC wants American taxpayers to pay off those loans? Is she really that crazy?

Why should hard-working Americans, who pay off their own debts and struggle to meet their families’ needs, pay off the debt of taxi drivers in New York City? They chose to take loans to buy that million-dollar-medallion. Nobody forced them to do that. Yet AOC wants to force all of us to pay them back.

This is beyond socialism. This is utter stupidity. AOC and her allies in Congress never want people to be responsible for their own actions. They think it’s our job bail out every last person who made the wrong decision. She wants to punish you because some taxi driver took out a loan that was too big for him to afford.

This yet another pathetic, idiotic idea put forward by a woman who doesn’t understand our country in the slightest. If you take out a loan, you’re responsible for it. I’m not. Nor is the rest of the country.

Case closed.

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