When Nancy Pelosi backed her support of impeachment, she gave Rep. Adam Schiff the lead role in their impeachment inquiry.

Schiff is trying to destroy Trump, going as far as misrepresenting the transcript between U.S. and Ukraine. He even said he had no prior knowledge of the whistleblower. Now, his House Intelligence Committee admits the exact opposite.

The circumstances around the whistleblower complaint are very odd. We still don’t know this person’s identity, although we know he works for the CIA. The complaint itself claimed Trump threatened Ukraine, withholding aid, in order to get them to dig up something on Joe Biden. None of that is true, based on the phone call transcript.

The lawyers representing the whistleblower worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. So we can safely assume this person is a partisan Democrat.

More than all that, though, is what Schiff and House Democrats have claimed. They want us to believe they learned about the whistleblower complaint at the same time we did. And, because they were so appalled by it, they had no choice but to push impeachment. Schiff himself said he had no knowledge before this and that he never met with the whistleblower.

Now, we know that was all a lie.

A spokesman for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., acknowledged for the first time on Wednesday that the whistleblower alleging misconduct in the White House had reached out to Schiff’s panel before filing a complaint — prompting President Trump, in an extraordinary afternoon news conference at the White House, to accuse Schiff directly of helping write the document.

Schiff had previously claimed in a televised interview that “we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower…”

An aide to Schiff insisted that when Schiff mentioned “we” had not spoken to the whistleblower, he was referring to members of the full House intelligence committee, rather than staff. NBC National Security reporter Ken Dilanian flagged Schiff’s explanation as “deceptive” late Wednesday. [Source: Fox News]

Evidence is piling up that House Democrats were behind this whistleblower claim from the very start. Or, at the very least, they were contacted by this person and helped coordinate his actions to give them grounds for impeachment.

Either way, Schiff lied about what he knew before the complaint reached the news. Schiff has a long reputation for leaking information to the press. He does it so frequently and with such reckless abandon, that ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee say people refuse to provide information to them, knowing Schiff will leak it to the press.

So, was Schiff the one who leaked the whistleblower complaint from the start? With this new revelation, it’s easy to believe that.

We now know that the whistleblower contacted Schiff’s committee before anything reached the news. Schiff continues to claim he never spoke with the person. But considering he has already been caught in a lie, we can throw out what he’s saying now.

Trump blasted the man with some strong accusations after this revelation came out.

“It shows that Schiff is a fraud. … I think it’s a scandal that he knew before,” Trump said, as the president of Finland stood at an adjacent podium. “I’d go a step further. I’d say he probably helped write it. … That’s a big story. He knew long before, and he helped write it too. It’s a scam.”

The New York Times reported earlier Wednesday that Schiff “learned about the outlines” of the whistleblower’s complaint “days before” it was filed. [Source: Fox News]

Schiff is leading the charge against Trump in the House. Yet we are seeing his motives and statements are questionable. Why should the American people believe anything the Democrats say when it’s becoming more and more obvious that they orchestrated this entire Ukraine scandal from the start?

They distorted a phone call to push impeachment. They have no evidence or proof of wrongdoing. It seems they are lying again and again to justify their ongoing inquiry.

And they don’t think this will blow up in their faces?

Gee, these guys really are dumb!

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