Democrats used a so-called whistleblower complaint to launch a wide-ranging impeachment probe against Donald Trump.

Their goal was to justify their ongoing attempts to find dirt on the president and sink his administration. They held a closed-door hearing with a major player in the Ukrainian affair. Yet after many hours, they got nothing. It doesn’t look good for the House Democrats.

Even though this impeachment inquiry affects every last American, Rep. Adam Schiff is conducting meetings in secret. Hearings and testimony aren’t being done in the open, for all of us to see. Perhaps that’s because Schiff is worried about what we’ll learn?

Already the Democrats’ case against Trump is failing. They were hoping the only information we had about the U.S.-Ukrainian phone call was a whistleblower complaint. A complaint that seems to have been crafted with the help or knowledge of House Democrats.

But quickly Trump turned the tables on this entire charade. He released the transcript of the call, proving many of the whistleblower’s allegations wrong. That completely derailed the left’s impeachment agenda. Since then, they’ve been holding hearings without letting us in on what’s going on.

The latest was with U.S. Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker. I’m sure Schiff was hoping for all kinds of juicy details to come out of this hearing. Volker must surely know all about Trump’s dastardly quid-pro-quo scheme. Volker would have no choice but to bury Trump with everything he knows. Yet after hours of grilling Volker, it looks like Schiff got nothing. From all indications, this was a major setback for impeachment.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) reportedly suffered a “disappointing” “setback” on Thursday in his efforts leading the Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump.

“Former U.S. Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker on Thursday spent hours testifying with congressional investigators who are seeking to discover if he played any role in Trump’s efforts to obtain from Ukrainian officials information on the son of 2020 presidential hopeful Joseph R. Biden Jr.,” Roll Call reported…

Fox News reporter Brooke Singman tweeted: “NEW: per a source with knowledge of ongoing #Volker interview: ‘The information provided by Amb. Volker so far does nothing to advance @RepAdamSchiff theory of the case. Volker’s testimony seems to be a disappointing event –and likely a setback–for the #impeachment effort.’” [Source: Daily Wire]

Republican Jim Jordan slammed Schiff publicly because he did not let certain members question Volker. He even denied State Department lawyers from attending the closed meeting. Yet with all that scheming, Schiff did not get what he wanted.

Even after Schiff left the meeting, he refused to answer to reporters over what he got.

Some of the information that emerged revolved around texts among U.S. officials. Some were accusing Trump of trying to get a quid-pro-quo from Ukraine. But Volker’s own messages prove he did not agree with that. He even exonerated Trump to another official, saying Trump never mentioned a quid-pro-quo saying Trump is trying to “evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.”

That blasted a huge hole in Schiff and the left’s scheme. They needed Volker to have something that would damn Trump. Instead, he got a man who was upholding Trump’s innocence. In fact, he revealed that Trump wanted to see if the new Ukrainian president was everything he claimed to be.

This might have been why Schiff wanted this meeting closed from the press. Perhaps he already knew Volker had nothing on Trump. After all, the original complaint was most-likely a product of fiction designed by the Democrats.

You can’t lie and expect others to just back you up, after all.

Schiff could have kept this a closed-door meeting, hoping to mask what he learned from Volker. Or perhaps twist it to defend impeachment. He didn’t even get close. Volker struck another major blow against the left’s impeachment push.

I wonder what the left will try to cook up next?

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