Nancy Pelosi made a huge mistake when she decided to go after Trump.

She didn’t think through the devastating long term effects that she’s caused.

Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment witch hunt is about to backfire in a major way.

Nancy Pelosi jumped the gun when she started an impeachment inquiry before there was any evidence that Trump had committed any crime.

In the past she said that impeachment would have to have bipartisan support and that’s absolutely correct.

If there was evidence that Trump had committed a serious crime then most Republicans would not support him.

When Watergate exploded, Nixon chose to resign when he learned that the Republican Party was not going to support him and let him continue to be President.

If Nancy Pelosi had any evidence that could make it clear that Trump committed a crime, she would be justified.

But at the moment there is more evidence that Joe Biden committed a crime than Trump.

If Democrats want to think that Trump committed a crime and talk dirt about him in the media they have the right.

They just need to recognize what they have is just an opinion.

If the standard for impeachment is that low, then Democrats have let themselves in for a world of hurt.

Democrats will soon have their presidents being impeached by Republicans for every minor transgression.

As Philip Klein from the Washington Examiner put it:

“Right now, 85% of Republicans oppose impeaching the president. Many prominent voices led by Trump are pushing the idea that the Ukraine scandal is a hoax in which the intelligence community, the Democrats, and the media are attempting to take a president down because they hate him.

“If Trump gets impeached over what Republicans believe were nonexistent or minor misdeeds, then they are likely to want to jump on any scandal in a Democratic administration to pursue impeachment. And of course, should they take that path, Democrats will not soon forget.

“Every president takes actions that, viewed through a certain lens, can be seen as impeachable. So it isn’t at all hard to imagine our politics evolving to the point in which it’s just a routine assumption that whenever an opposition party takes control of the House, they’ll impeach the sitting president — almost like the use of the filibuster has increased over time to the point which we assume all legislation will require 60 votes to pass.”

The problem is that the Democrats have come to believe that every person they disagree with in terms of policies is an evil, badly motivated person, so they feel justified in using underhanded methods to try and remove them.

But if the Democrats choose to play dirty, the Republicans aren’t going to take it lying down.

And the fact that the Democrats are trying to remove a president a year out from the election shows what distain they have for the voice of the American people.

Do you think that Nancy Pelosi is putting future Democratic Presidents in danger of being impeached?

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Witch Hunt Is About to Backfire in a Major Way

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