President Trump defy experts when he flipped numerous states in 2016. States that once supported Obama voted for him, giving him a clear victory.

Now, after years of success for America, Trump is eyeing yet another blue state stronghold. As he prepares for a rally this week, inside sources reveal just how panicked they are.

Wow, this whole impeachment push really is failing, huh? The Democrats have the power of the entire liberal media at their disposal, but they can’t damage Trump in the slightest. His polling numbers (if you believe such things) are reaching historic highs. That’s not supposed to happen. Americans are supposed to blindly believe what the New York Times, CNN, and Buzzfeed is telling them about Trump.

We are supposed to believe he is a lying, crooked, loud-mouth criminal. Americans are supposed to mindlessly believe everything the left is claiming about his “crimes.”

Trump is not supposed to be doing so well, that he is poised to flip more states in 2020.

But that is the situation we are at now. Democrats from all over America are facing electoral extinction, thanks to their impeachment support. Americans from every walk of life, from blue-collar workers to middle-class families, are enjoying a better quality of life thanks to President Trump.

And in long-held Democratic strongholds, people are starting to see the light. President Trump isn’t just interested in holding onto the states he won in 2016. He’s expanding, making sure he’ll score a historic landslide in 2020.

And as Democrats struggle to find a candidate who isn’t terrible, Trump is making inroads into blue states.

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s Thursday rally in the state, Minnesota Democrats revealed on Monday that they fear Trump’s ambitious ground game in the state could help the president flip the state in 2020…

Here’s why this is bad news for Dems everywhere: 1) Donald Trump came within 1.5 percentage points (or 44,470 votes) of winning statewide in Minnesota in 2016. That’s the 2nd closest Democratic state in the country after New Hampshire.”

The Minnesota DFL conceded that it cannot keep up with the Trump campaign’s organization on the ground and emphasized that “Trump almost winning Minnesota was not a fluke.”

“The Trump campaign is staffing up in Minnesota in ways we’ve never seen before, and frankly we just can’t keep up. Trump and the GOP already have over two dozen staffers on the ground, and are promising more, and they have already trained over 600 volunteers in Minnesota!” [Source: Breitbart]

Here’s the skinny: states like Minnesota were once “bastions” for Democrats, not because of how progressive the people are, but because the blue-collar workers needed liberal support. But those days are long gone. Presidents like Clinton and Obama made it clear that Democrats aren’t interested in helping working-class Americans.

They are only interested in pushing extreme, left-wing views. Sure, places like San Francisco and Portland are fine—those idiots will back Democrats even if they inject them with Herpies. But states full of people struggling to make ends meet—as Democrats outsource jobs and protect illegal aliens—will flock to Trump is unprecedented droves.

President Trump has already brought back millions of jobs. His tax cuts helped working Americans. He landed new trade deals that will end decades of decline. And he’s poised to secure the border and fix healthcare.

Why would anyone in Minnesota (that’s not a left-wing commie) vote for anyone else?

It’s clear that Democrats are panicking. But the reality is, they’ve already lost. They spent the first three years of Trump’s administration pushing hoaxes and empty impeachment threats. Meanwhile, Trump has fought tooth and nail to give Americans their freedom and prosperity.

What can a liberal 2020 candidate do to top that? Nothing. Their only game is to harm Trump’s reputation with this impeachment nonsense. That’s it. Do they really think the hard-working folks in Minnesota will care? Democrats have been failing them for over 30 years. In just 3, Trump has turned that all around.

Perhaps Minnesota Democrats should just give up now. Or jump ship to the winning team.

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