Democrats in the House are conducting their shady impeachment inquiry behind closed doors.

Information keeps coming out that demolishes their impeachment agenda, but they refuse to release it.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has had enough. He is calling on Schiff to release the full transcript or he will take matters into his own hands.

The Democrats have nothing on Trump. That should be pretty obvious by now. Their entire agenda hangs on a phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president. But Trump quickly released the transcript of the call, proving he did nothing wrong.

Democrats were hoping the only “evidence” out there would be a bogus whistleblower complaint that largely distorts the call. The complaint is full of inconsistencies and mistakes, making it worthless.

Instead of admitting defeat, Adam Schiff and the rest of House Democrats are pushing through this empty impeachment inquiry. But, embarrassed by the facts, they are conducting their meetings behind closed doors. Once again, they want to hide the facts from America so they can distort them at will.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is demanding they release the full transcript of their interview with Kurt Volker, former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine. Democrats are refusing. So, Graham decided to just interview the man himself.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Wednesday demanded that House Democrat leaders release the full transcript of the testimony provided by the impeachment inquiry’s first witness, former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker…

Volker is at the center of the impeachment investigation. He resigned as the special envoy to Ukraine at the end of last month as the inquiry began to heat up.

Sen. Graham described the House Democrats’ refusal to make the full transcript of Volker’s deposition last Thursday public as “an abuse of power.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said the full transcript of Volker’s testimony “obliterated” the “whistleblower’s” claim fueling the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. [Source: Breitbart]

Let’s no forget this isn’t some run-of-the-mill House investigation. This is a push for information to use in impeaching the President of the United States. This agenda affects all of us. Yet Democrats in the House are hiding what they are learning from the public.

Hmm… could it be because nothing they are learning proves their wild claim that Trump did something wrong? They banked their entire reputation—the future of their party—on impeaching Trump over a phone call. Republicans who were a part of Volker’s interview say it obliterated the whistleblower attack on Trump.

It’s not a stretch to believe Schiff and the Democrats are keeping that interview private, so they can keep pushing their pointless impeachment.

Volker had first-hand knowledge of the phone call and the relationship between the White House and Ukraine. According to reporters, he personally refuted any claims that Trump was threatening Ukraine or offering a quid pro quo. Text messages reveal he firmly believed Trump was simply trying to gauge the integrity of Ukraine’s new president, to see if he would live up to his promise to root our corruption.

If the full interview of Volker was released, the Democrats would have nothing. They would be exposed for continuing an impeachment inquiry simply over partisan reasons.

But Graham has made it clear. If Schiff won’t release the transcript, he will interview Volker himself. And you better believe that transcript would reach the American public.

If Schiff was smart, he’d release his transcript to prevent Volker from saying things out of his control. Volker could openly clear Trump’s name, while humiliating Pencil Neck Schiff in the process.

But Schiff isn’t smart. Nor is the rest of the Democratic Party. They will sit on their transcript—forcing Graham to make good on his threat.

That will only lead to more doom for an already doomed Democratic Party.

Volker will testify publicly, revealing Trump did nothing wrong. Democrats will lose all credibility, facing electoral extermination in 2020.

Not that I’m broken up about it.

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