Whispers are already flying around Washington about the next Supreme Court vacancy.

But even Donald Trump was unprepared for what was about to come next.

And President Trump was hit with this jaw-dropping news about two Supreme Court Justices retiring.

The next Presidential Election is a little over 400 days away.

Democrats are not willing to wait that long to see if they can drive Donald Trump from office.

That’s because the fate of two Supreme Court Justices hangs in the balance.

Nancy Pelosi and her lackeys in Congress launched an impeachment inquiry based on a totally fake and manufactured “scandal” surrounding President Trump’s July 25 call to the Ukrainian President.

Democrats are desperate to impeach the President because they believe it will damage the Republican Party’s prospects in the 2020 election.

Either the Senate will convict Donald Trump on the House Democrats’ articles of impeachment and remove the President from office, or Democrats hope that even in defeat, enough Senate Republicans break with the President to fracture the GOP heading into Trump’s re-election campaign.

Despite the bravado the party projects based on the current public opinion polling, the left is sweating over the 2020 election.

They know head-to-head matchup polls this far from an election mean nothing.

Smart Democrats recognize that the President is running for re-election with no new foreign wars and a growing economy.

That is the recipe for an incumbent president to win re-election.

If Trump wins re-election and Republicans hold the Senate, the Democrats face Supreme Court Armageddon.

Liberal Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer are 86 and 81 years old respectively.

And they both could step down if Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020.

Ginsburg’s battled four bouts with cancer including treatments to remove tumors on her lungs and pancreas in the last year.

Breyer suffers from no similar health ailments, but some court watchers wonder if Breyer tires of ending up in the minority on the majority of important cases.

Everyone expects Ginsburg and Breyer to hang on through 2020 in the hopes a Democrat will win so they can retire and be replaced by a younger leftist.

But if Trump should win and one or both retire, then Washington will go nuclear.

Mike Davis – who heads the Article III Project to support President Trump’s judicial nominees – told Reuters that a confirmation hearing to replace Ginsburg or Breyer would make the Kavanaugh circus look like a church picnic.

Reuters reports:

Former senior Republican Senate aide Mike Davis, who runs a group called the Article III Project that he set up to support Trump’s judicial nominations, said he would expect Republicans to be energized by any potential election-year vacancy. But Davis said he also would expect Democrats to put up a fight.

“If people thought that Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation fight was ugly, just wait until the next one,” Davis said, referring to contentious Senate hearings in which Kavanaugh denied allegations of decades-old sexual misconduct.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Trump Was Hit With Jaw-Dropping News About Two Supreme Court Justices Retiring

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