The news media has come up with an awful plot to help Democrats.

They are hoping that they can bamboozle people into believing that Trump is guilty.

CBS tried to fool Americans by rigging this impeachment poll in their favor.

The Democrats have a powerful tool in the mainstream media.

Obama’s administration had far more scandals than Trump’s and yet a large portion of the population doesn’t remember it.

Obama used both the IRS and the FBI to target his political opponents.

Those are far more serious offences than anything that Democrats have accused Trump of doing.

And they don’t even have any solid evidence to back up their allegations.

Their accusations against Trump are vague because they have no actual evidence that Trump has committed anything that is worthy of being considered an impeachable offence.

The Democrats just hate him.

And the media is trying to convince every American they need to hate Trump too.

They have stopped being journalists who report the truth and are now just propagandists who will twist facts and lie to help the Democrats.

CNN, CBS and MSNBC have gone wild trying to make the call with the Ukrainian president look worse than it is.

The latest example of their bias is a poll that CBS released that claimed that most Americans favor impeachment.

However there are problems with the way they gathered their data.

Attkisson from The Hill looked into it more closely and this is what she discovered:

“A check of the poll data shows it interviewed 124 more Democrats than Republicans. That’s a statistically significant difference — 6 percentage points more Democrats than Republicans,” Attkisson wrote. “Assuming, for the sake of argument, that Democrats and Republicans generally respond along party lines, a sample that looked at 6 percentage points more Republicans instead of Democrats would blow the ‘headline’ that ‘a majority of Americans’ favors the impeachment inquiry. It would, theoretically, change the pro-impeachment inquiry majority to a minority: 49 percent favoring the impeachment inquiry, and 51 percent opposing.”

The poll was even more skewed by the way that CBS reported the results.

As Attkisson continued:

“The CBS poll shows 58 percent say Trump does not deserve to be impeached or that it’s ‘too soon to say.’ Using the same math as above, adjust that for the lopsided number of Democrats interviewed and it would theoretically become 64 percent believing that Trump doesn’t deserve impeachment or it’s too soon to know.

“Then, 69 percent of Republicans who were asked about an impeachment inquiry say it makes them want to defend Trump. In other words, there is reason to believe the inquiry could be a motivational factor for Republicans in an election year — in a way that benefits Trump.”

She summed it up by saying that the real headline should have been: “Majority of Americans in Democrat-heavy poll favor an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.”

It seems that Democrats haven’t learned from the 2016 election that skewing polls doesn’t actually change the future.

Do you think that manipulating poll numbers is actually helping Democrats?

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: CBS Tried to Fool Americans by Rigging This Impeachment Poll in Their Favor

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