As the media focuses all its energy at the House’s impeachment fail, our problems at the border continue.

Thousands of migrants continue to claim asylum to slip into our country. Many claim to be families on the run to score sympathy—and support—from our government. But ICE launched a new program to test if these migrants really are who they say they are. The results? Let’s say Trump has been proven right, yet again.

It’s no secret Democrats have been using our open border for their own gain. Even before Obama was president, Democrats have turned a blind eye to how many illegal aliens enter through Mexico. They have embraced broken policies that reward illegal entry into the U.S. And they even hand out government support to the many that do.

Why? When you look at many state’s policies on voter ID laws, you begin to see why. Democrats have been trying for years to change the voting demographics across the country. They think they can pump our communities full of outsiders, giving them free stuff, hoping they’ll vote Democrat (despite the fact that it’s illegal).

This is the top reason they oppose Trump’s plans to reform our broken immigration system. And it’s the main reason they push policies like DACA and others that protect families of migrants, even though they break our laws.

People who cross the border with kids are more likely to stay. Groups that claim to be families can only be detained for 20 days. Then they are released into the country. They are far less likely to show up for their trials and be deported. You can imagine the results.

ICE decided enough is enough and started a program to test these so-called families. As it turns out, few of them were related. In fact, ICE uncovered a horrible plot.

The United States government identified hundreds of migrants allegedly falsely claiming familial status and numerous other migrant adults attempting to pose as minors.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the El Paso area have identified 238 fraudulent families, 50 adults falsely claiming to be minors, and have seized hundreds of documents attempting to support these migrants’ claims, according to an ICE statement released Thursday.

The program identified an enormous amount of fraud by illegal migrants seemingly hoping to take advantage of U.S. immigration laws, and ultimately resulted in more than 350 people being federal prosecuted for making false statements, human smuggling, illegal re-entry into the U.S. after being deported, conspiracy and other crimes. [Source: Daily Caller]

The “Famly Fraud Initiative” also uncovered something much worse. There is a massive child smuggling operation being run by transnational criminal organizations. The criminals coerce parents into handing over their kids to unrelated adults so they can falsely pose as a family to enter the country. Parents are selling off their kids, so that criminals get to sneak into the country.

As sick as this is, it is only possible thanks to immigration policies supported by Democrats. They deliberately rewarded illegal immigrant families who break the law crossing the border. Democrats knew about the growing threat of gangs and drug cartels in South America. Yet they ignored how these criminals would exploit children, just so more aliens could come into this country.

Honestly, is winning an election really worth all that? I guess liberals think so.

The good news is, ICE is cracking down on this rampant evil. Along with this new program, they are ramping up DNA testing to certify whether migrants are in fact real family units. This will stop the left’s scheme dead in its tracks. And hopefully end this ugly child trafficking trend.

The only thing left to do is construct a big beautiful barrier, to make illegal entry 100% impossible.

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