As we marched closer to the 2020 Democratic primary, candidates struggle to gain an upper hand. Kamala Harris, senator from California, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show to (big surprise) win points by attacking Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. She claimed Giuliani broke many laws. But when Cooper asked her a simple question, she had nothing.

The 2020 Election will be all about Trump. That’s not just because he’s running for re-election. It’s because every last Democrat running has made everything about him.

Not one of the 2020 Democrats offer plans to make America better. They can’t promise an economy better than what Trump has done. None of them talk in-depth about ending overseas conflicts, defeating terrorism, or protecting our borders.

None of the liberal 2020 candidates seem to even want to put Americans first. Their only hope of winning is by slamming Trump at every opportunity.

But considering President Trump’s historic wins on just about every issue, I’m thinking the left’s tactics aren’t going to work.

Kamala Harris, a candidate from California, went on Anderson Cooper’s show to discuss how horrible Trump and his allies are. She went on to say that Trump’s lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, has broken many laws. She even said she would go after him and make him pay. But when Cooper asked her to name one law he broke… Harris said this.

Harris said Giuliani “has clearly broken many laws,” adding that his actions are “further evidence of corruption” by the Trump administration and that they violate an “extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws.” When Cooper asked Harris what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken, the senator seemed unable to answer directly.

“Well I, I, I don’t know,” Harris replied when Cooper asked her what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken. [Source: Daily Caller]

Okay, let’s get this straight. Harris is going on live TV to declare that the president’s lawyer broke the law. In fact, she said he “has clearly broken many laws.” She said he violated an “extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws.” Those are very strong words, ma’am.

But when Cooper wanted her to name one law he’s broken, she says she can’t. What!? I guess Harris wasn’t expecting Cooper to actually call her on that wild claim. It’s CNN, after all. She was supposed to be able to make any crazy, dishonest, and ugly attack on the president and they would just let her.

You can’t just accuse someone of “breaking many laws,” without naming them. Harris is saying Trump and his allies are lawless. If Trump really has broken an “extraordinary” number of our laws, then we’d know about it. More people would be saying it, outside of a woman who wants his job and his political enemies.

What she said next revealed her real motives.

“We’re going to find out,” Harris continued. “But I think that the range includes not only abuse of power and perhaps misstatement and mischaracterization of his role and his responsibilities, but I also really do wonder, just instinctively, whether there’s been any bribery associated with Giuliani’s conduct.” [Source: Daily Caller]

“We’re going to find out.” M-kay. You accuse Giuliani of breaking laws, citing no evidence. But plan to investigate him—to find dirt. Just like House Democrats running an impeachment in search of a crime, Harris wants to investigate an innocent man, hoping to find something he did wrong.

Harris, like the rest of the Democrats, is living in a fantasy world. She thinks Trump and Giuliani are guilty, just because she doesn’t like them. Like the rest of her party, she wants to abuse her power to persecute innocent and law-abiding Americans. She thinks she can turn our government into some kind of mafia that abuses her political adversaries. Harris wants Trump and Giuliani guilty until proven innocent.

She and the rest of the left clearly don’t believe in our rule of law or justice. She just wants to take down President Trump, no matter the cost.

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