It was discovered this week that former presidential candidate, Sen. Mitt Romney, was using a fake Twitter account to boost his profile. The Utah Republican used this account to attack his enemies and prop up his own image. President Trump learned of what Romney was doing (as well as Romney’s ongoing betrayal of the party) and unloaded onto him.

Honestly, what can we say about a man like Mitt Romney? The “conservative” politician is a relic of the old ways. An establishment-loving Republican, he let all Americans down when he lost in 2012. I mean, beating Obama should have been easy. He was already failing on his biggest 2008 promises. But Romney was not the man for the job. And he hasn’t forgotten that.

Donald Trump beat Hillary to become the 45th President of the United States. Rumors were circulating that Trump was going to appoint Romney as Secretary of State. Until legions of supporters raged against it. Romney was a NeverTrumper, after all.

But in 2018, he was running to fill the vacated seat of Sen. Orrin Hatch. It was unfortunate that strong conservative like Hatch was leaving the Senate, being replaced by someone like Mitt. But, for a time, Romney was onboard the Trump train. He supported the president to score an easy election win.

It seems, though, it was all a charade. Because even as he pretended to like the president, he was secretly undermining him and anyone else that opposed Mitt, using a fake Twitter account.

This is pretty weird.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was mocked Sunday evening after a new report revealed that he appears to have used a secret Twitter account to defend himself against critics online…

Hours later, Slate published a report that appears to have identified Romney’s secret Twitter account: Pierre Delecto. [Source: Daily Wire]

Um, are we talking about a grown man (with a wife and children) and not a fourteen-year-old boy? Is Romney so desperate for validation that he had to create a fake account to prop up his ego? Can’t he find at least one real cheerleader among his many sons or grandsons?

That’s pretty sad, my friends. And more than a little bit weird. President Trump heard about Romney’s odd behavior and called him out on it. But he exposed Romney’s real problem. It’s not his fake Twitter account, but the fact that he’s a traitor to the GOP.

President Donald Trump slammed Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney on Monday while talking to the press about the Democrat party, saying that the Democrats “don’t have people like” Romney who go against the party…

“Well, I think the Democrats fight dirty… But two things they have: They’re vicious and they stick together,” Trump continued. “They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that. They stick together. You never see them break off. You never see somebody go out and [do their own thing].” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s pretty shocking to think that there are still members of the Republican Party that aren’t supporting the president. Donald Trump has scored more conservative wins than even Ronald Reagan during his time in office. He’s made good on just about every campaign promise. Yet Mitt Romney always sides with the corrupt establishment and liberal media to bash Trump at every chance. He’s even floated the idea of support impeachment.

What can you say about a man like this? Is he really so bitter than Trump won the presidency, that he’d betray the entire party?

Hey Mitt! Donald Trump has overwhelming support among Republicans. More than any former Republican president. He’s packing out rallies and bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars. The worst thing you can do is oppose him, just to win brownie points with CNN.

Establishment media and politics are dead. People aren’t interested in supporting globalist-loving politicians anymore. If Romney were smart, he’d stop all these games and get on the Trump train, for real.

But something tells me he won’t. His ego is too big. He might just lose his Senate seat, in the end.

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