For months, Attorney General Barr’s bulldog, John Durham has been tracking down the source of the 2016 probe into Trump’s campaign. Not much has been released over this investigation. More than a few patriots are demanding answers. But now word has come out that the DOJ is expanding their probe. And former deep state cronies are in their crosshairs.

The Democrats are waging an all-out war against Donald Trump. Claiming he has committed all sorts of crimes, they are conducting an impeachment inquiry, just to find an excuse to remove him. They are running an investigation in search of a crime. Much like they did with Mueller’s probe.

But real crimes have been committed in D.C. A presidential administration overstepped its powers in an attempt to take down a candidate. It wasn’t Trump, though.

For a long time, Americans have been outraged over the news that Obama’s FBI used a phony dossier to acquire a warrant against Trump staffer Carter Page. They violated his 4th Amendment Rights based on a dossier that has been largely discredited. Meaning, they used fake information to spy on a Trump campaign staffer.

And that’s what we know publically. What else went on that we don’t know?

A.G. Barr wants to know. He appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham, known as the bulldog, to find out what Obama’s FBI was up to in 2016. His investigation has him going all over the world. He was recently in Italy, uncovering some fascinating information. And now, he’s expanding his probe to find out just what a few deep state officials were trying to do.

U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s 2016 Russia probe has expanded based on new evidence uncovered during a recent trip to Rome with Attorney General Bill Barr, sources told Fox News on Tuesday.

The sources said Durham was “very interested” to question former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, an anti-Trump critic who recently dismissed the idea…

A source in the Italian Ministry of Justice told The Daily Beast earlier this month that Barr and Durham were played a taped deposition made by Joseph Mifsud, the professor who allegedly told ex-Trump aide George Papadopoulos that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Mifsud reportedly was explaining to authorities in the deposition why people would want to harm him, and why he needed police protection. [Source: Fox News]

The scheme to take down the Trump campaign went much deeper than we thought. The so-called Russian dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. It was meant to smear Trump’s reputation. When the press refused to report on it, they sent it to the FBI. They used it in what increasingly appears to be a sting meant to entrap Trump. It seems members of Obama’s DOJ were trying to get Trump or his staffers to work with foreign agents to get dirt on Clinton.

The very thing they keep blaming him of today, naturally.

You see, Trump never sought help from Russia to hurt Hillary. And he never sought help from Ukraine to hurt Biden. It’s the same, tired attack the left keeps using—hoping it will finally work to stop Trump.

They seem to believe that if you keep saying the same lie over and over again, people will have no choice but to believe you.

The problem? A.G. Barr and Durham are unraveling their scheme. They are coming close to finding out what Obama’s men, Clapper and Brennan, were up to during the election. It seems these top deep state agents were orchestrating a scheme to stop Trump from winning. Perhaps ordered to do so by Obama himself.

Today, Democrats still in power continue this same scheme, in the form of an impeachment coup. They can’t let Trump put Americans first and rob the lobbyists of power.

The bad news for them? They keep failing. The impeachment push will fail for lack of evidence. And those that tried to spy on Trump unlawfully will finally be exposed.

We’ll keep watching this story as it unfolds. It’s going to be a big one.

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