Back in 1987 then Senator Joe Biden was forced out of the Presidential race after being humiliated by the media for plagiarism.

The mainstream media used to do it’s job back in the day, versus simply protecting all Democrats at all costs.

Watch as Joe Biden gets torn apart and humiliated by the media for plagiarism in 1987 in this hilarious flashback video:

Joe Biden was a goof and a liar back then and he’s a goof and a liar now.

Some things NEVER change.

Watch as Johnny Carson rips Biden to pieces over the same exact thing in this second flashback video from 1987:

Now THAT is funny!

Too bad late night TV is no longer funny like in Johnny’s day.

Author: Steve Straub

Source: The Federalist Papers: Joe Biden Gets Torn Apart and Humiliated By The Media For Plagiarism in 1987 [Video]

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