Vice President Pence spoke about the House Democrats’ sinister agenda. Since regaining a majority in January, they have done little to help the American people. Instead, they’ve gone on a crusade to undermine anything that Trump does to improve our country. Pence called out the left’s current scheme, demanding that they get back to what they were elected to do.

It’s pretty sad to watch Democrats, these days. Those that aren’t stark-raving mad—spreading lies and wild conspiracies about the president—are wasting everyone’s time. Democrats won a slim majority in the House after the 2018 midterm elections. What have they done with it? Nothing, that’s what.

In fact, since Trump entered the White House, what have Democrats done? Have they cooperated with the president, putting aside their differences to help Americans? Nope! They called themselves “the resistance” and obstructed everything Trump wanted to do. Today, they spend tax dollars on an impeach inquiry that will go nowhere.

Vice President Pence sat down to discuss the current state of Congress. He said that at the end of the summer, things were looking good. It seemed like Democrats and the GOP would work together to advance crucial legislation. Now, all that’s gone down the drain. Pence condemned Democrats for ignoring the needs of the American people to pursue a vindictive impeachment push.

Pence made the case that reforms on guns, immigration, the economy, healthcare, and more seem “to have gone by the boards in this reckless pursuit of impeachment by the Democrats.”

“This summer, we were talking with Republicans and Democrats about possible solutions that could go forward… And so I think as the American people let their voice be heard to members on Capitol Hill, I think elected representatives are going to continue to hear the American people say, ‘Enough is enough. Enough with the endless investigations. We want Congress to roll your sleeves up, work with this President, and keep America safe and growing strong.’” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats are so blinded by their irrational hatred for Trump, that they are openly ignoring the wishes of the American people. They are pushing their impeachment agenda, despite millions of Americans demanding they actually do their job.

Since January, Democrats in the House have endorsed Anti-Semitism, let far-left radicals run amuck, and neglect to pass any meaningful legislation. They have wasted time and money on an epic level.

Mike Pence condemned the Democrats for ignoring life and death issues like gun control, healthcare, and the ongoing opioid crisis. Americans are dying while Democrats waste time with their closed-door impeachment hearings. The vice president called out the left’s scheming, saying they are neglecting established rules and the will of the American people.

“The American people have a right to know. Impeachment is a grave and serious matter in the life of this nation. And the way the Democrats are conducting this so-called impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill, behind closed doors, is wrong…

In the last two impeachment inquiries — you know, Judy — there were rules that were established where counsel could be in the room, where due process rights of the President and of the administration were respected. And that’s simply not the case now.” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats have cooked up a half-baked scheme to take down Trump. Their entire plan is built around a phone call—which we already know was innocent in nature. That is why they are pushing this impeachment behind closed doors, without a formal vote. If the country knew all the facts, they would be outraged the left keeps this charade going.

Pelosi was finally forced to put a vote to the House to formalize their inquiry. It will be held this Thursday. Even then, they will never get enough ammunition to impeach Trump. They have wasted years trying to undermine him when they could have worked to score major wins for this country.

Americans are against impeachment. The GOP is against impeachment. Only far-left Democrats, bent on hurting the country, want to impeach the president.

Perhaps they need a harsh lesson in reality. Only when they get voted out of office will these crooked libs get the wake-up call they deserve.

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