The left’s ongoing impeachment charade was all started by a nameless whistleblower. After over a month, the American public still doesn’t know who this person is. Democrats refuse to reveal the accuser’s name—making it impossible for Trump to build a defense. Sen. Rand Paul has had enough of the left’s games. He promised to do this one thing to the whistleblower, ending his scheming once and for all.

If you’ve gotten tired trying to keep track of this impeachment circus, let me break it down for you. House Democrats are accusing Trump of trying to force Ukraine into helping him hurt Joe Biden. They claim he threatened Ukraine, offering aid in exchange for their help in investigating something Biden did as vice president.

(We know Biden forced Ukraine to do as he demanded or lose $1 billion. Pretty bad.)

Democrats are using an unnamed whistleblower’s complaint as “evidence” that Trump did something wrong. Yet the whistleblower wasn’t on the call. Nor did he learn about the call from someone with first-hand knowledge.

In fact, much of what the whistleblower claimed happened during the call was disproven by the transcript. Trump himself released the transcript, proving he did not threaten or pressure Ukraine.

Yet the Democrats keep pushing this impeachment inquiry, interviewing “witnesses” as if there was a real crime.

Even now, the whistleblower who started this nonsense is hiding behind lawyers. This man plunged our system into chaos, but is too cowardly to show his face. Sen. Rand Paul has had enough. And he’s promising to out this person, once and for all.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) revealed on Tuesday that he may reveal the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower while speaking to a group of reporters and then doubled down on it later in the evening during an appearance on Fox News…

“Yeah. And there’s something important, also. It’s called the Constitution. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution says if you are going to accuse me of a crime, I get to stare you down in court,” Paul continued. “That is absolutely part of the Constitution. The statute might say one thing, but, I promise you, if there is a trial, you always get to confront your accuser. It’s in the Sixth Amendment. It’s in the Bill of Rights. There’s no way they can stop the defense from asking for that.”

“But I can do [reveal the identity of the whistleblower] right now, if I want. Nothing stops me. There is no law that stops me from doing it, other than that I don’t want to make it about the one individual,” Paul continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is pretty key. This whistleblower is accusing Trump of a serious crime. So serious that the left is trying to remove him from office. Yet this man cannot show his face to the accused? I don’t think so.

His lawyers claim he’s hiding to protect himself from violence and that Paul would expose him to danger.

Um… excuse me? Rand Paul knows full well about that. He was in danger, twice.

“I’ve been the victim of political violence not once, but twice. I was there at the ballfield when Steve Scalise was almost killed… I had six of my ribs broken by a hater of President Trump. So, I know what political violence is all about… But there’s no law that prevents me from mentioning the name of who’s been said to be the whistleblower.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is the one man they can’t accuse of exposing the whistleblower to violence. Rand Paul was attacked outside his home after the left doxxed his personal information. He was there when a liberal gunman attacked Republicans on a baseball field. His intentions are not to endanger this whistleblower (as CNN would do), but to force him to be held accountable.

We know this man is a liberal. He worked for Obama. And his lawyers are Clinton cronies. Once we know his name, we’ll see this impeachment push as the con it is.

That’s why the left is fighting to hide him. And that’s why Rand Paul is done with games.

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