For months now, we’ve watched numerous Democrats fight for the 2020 nomination. Right now, several of them are finally dropping out, their campaigns out of gas. But just as it seemed the party is getting close to a decision, news comes out that yet two more candidates might be joining the race. Better grab your aspirin.

It’s no secret that the 2020 Democratic lineup is pathetic. There’s not a single star candidate among the far-left contenders. The most moderate of them is Joe Biden—yet even he is pushing views that the average American would consider radical. The rest are self-proclaimed socialists, promising massively expensive government programs, not to mention policies that would destroy our national security.

You have to wonder how any of these people think they can beat Donald Trump to take the White House. Even with the left’s pathetic, ongoing smear campaign called the impeachment inquiry, not a single 2020 candidate has what it takes to beat the president.

Not long ago, rumors swirled that big liberal donors met in New York to discuss other options. They floated around the names of other potential candidates—people they thought would do better in 2020.

Well, it seems like they might have gotten to a few people, because news is coming out that more Democrats are joining the 2020 fight.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears to be seriously considering entering the 2020 race for president.

Bloomberg is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in Alabama’s Democratic presidential primary, Fox News has learned…

Bloomberg’s expected move has come amid increasing concern about the leftward drift of the major Democratic candidates, the departure of candidates who failed to gain traction – and talk of other potential late entries. [Source: Fox News]

Former New York Mayor (and former Republican) Michael Bloomberg is very close to jumping into the 2020 race. Bloomberg is a turncoat. He ran as a Republican for his first term as New York mayor, to get the endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. But he quickly became an independent and burdened New York with terrible policies.

He turned the once prosperous, booming city into a nanny-state that rewarded the rich and punished regular folks. Now, this billionaire elitist who spent millions to interfere with out-of-state elections wants to do the same to the entire country.

Yet he is considered a moderate compared to the rest of the clowns!

I find it hilarious that this East Coast snob thinks he can win over voters in Alabama.

But then there’s this news.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is again considering running for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020 after previously ruling out a run, a move that comes as former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has filed presidential primary paperwork in Alabama signaling he may be a late entrant to the race. [Source: Breitbart]

Most people probably don’t even remember Eric Holder. He was the terrible Attorney General that was responsible for Obama’s “Fast and Furious” scheme where the U.S. government sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels. That program resulted in two murdered Border Patrol agents and countless murdered Mexican officers.

And this guy thinks he can beat Donald Trump!

These men were two of the names floated by the rich liberal donors. Seems like powerful figures within the Democratic Party were able to bend their arms to run.

Hmm… super-rich elitists are forcing Democrats to run? Wow, such patriotism! Such love for country!

These men are running, not because they want to help America—but because the swamp is making them!

Tells you all you need to know about Democrats in 2019, huh?

All this is happening because the liberal party has no real leaders. They’ve abandoned their values (whatever they had) and the American people to cater to globalists in China and around the world. None of them believe in the American dream. None of them really want to make America great.

And all of them will lose to Donald Trump.

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