Adam Schiff thought he had the perfect plan to take down Donald Trump.

Schiff would run a Soviet-style impeachment investigation in secret and then spring his “findings” on the public in a lighting quick strike to ram articles of impeachment through Congress.

But Adam Schiff sat in stunned silence as impeachment crumbled before his very eyes.

Thanks to selective leaks from his opening statement, Adam Schiff portrayed Ukrainian Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony as “devastating” to the President.

Fake and corrupt news media so-called “journalists” picked up Schiff’s cues and pushed the narrative that Taylor’s testimony could prove to be the breaking point and force Republican Senators to throw President Trump overboard in a Senate trial.

But a close examination of Taylor’s testimony – as well as the accounts of Republicans that attended Taylor’s depositions – revealed that Taylor traded in little more than third or fourth hand gossip on Donald Trump arranging a quid pro quo on Ukrainian military aid.

In addition, it became clear that Taylor was another power mad bureaucrat that tried to usurp the authority of the President of the United States’ ability to make foreign policy.

In his testimony, Taylor mentioned National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison 15 times.

Taylor claimed Morrison could corroborate Taylor’s hearsay testimony that the Trump administration arranged a corrupt quid pro quo on military aid to Ukraine.

Adam Schiff swiftly called Morrison to testify.

And it turned out to be an epic mistake and Morrison shredded Taylor’s testimony and blew up the impeachment narrative Schiff spent weeks carefully crafting.

Taylor claimed that Morrison recounted a conversation with European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland where Sondland told Morrison that Ukrainian military aid was dependent on their President announcing an investigation into Joe Biden.

In addition, Taylor claimed Morrison conducted a secret meeting with the Ukrainian National Security Advisor in a hotel room.

Morrison told Schiff that Taylor lied on both counts.

“My recollection is that Ambassador Sondland’s proposal to Mr. Yermak was that it could be sufficient if the new Ukrainian prosecutor general—not President Zelensky—would commit to pursue the Burisma investigation.” Morrison continued, “I also would like to clarify that I did not meet with the Ukrainian National Security Advisor in his hotel room, as Ambassador Taylor indicated on page 11 of his statement. Instead, an NSC aide and I met with Mr. Danyliuk in the hotel’s business center.”

Morrison also blew up two other of Schiff’s pro-impeachment talking points.

Reports indicated that Morrison listened to the July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President and took his concerns about what President Trump said on the call to the National Security Council’s legal advisor.

That was false.

Morrison did go to the National Security Council’s legal advisor, but only because he feared seditious leaks from rogue Deep State agents like Lt. Colonel Robert Vindman – who also listened to the call and held the delusional belief that bureaucrats such as himself – and not the President – set U.S. foreign policy.

“I promptly asked the NSC Legal Advisor and his Deputy to review it. I had three concerns about a potential leak of the MemCon: first, how it would play out in Washington’s polarized environment; second, how a leak would affect the bipartisan support our Ukrainian partners currently experience in Congress; and third, how it would affect the Ukrainian perceptions of the U.S.-Ukraine relationship.”

And Morrison drove the final stake through the heart of impeachment by testifying that he heard nothing illegal or improper on the call.

“I want to be clear, I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed,” Morrison testified.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Adam Schiff Sat in Stunned Silence as Impeachment Crumbled Before His Eyes

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