After a month of bogus closed-door meetings, House Democrats have been forced to conduct public impeachment inquiry hearings. But even as their scheme to keep this secret has ended, they continue to pull the strings, ensuring Trump has been denied due process. While most of the media is on their side, one outlet has called out these hearings for what they really are: a sham.

Anyone with a brain knows that Donald Trump did nothing wrong. His phone call with the Ukrainian president was free of any pressure, bribery, or quid-pro-quos. The transcript proved the whistleblower’s attacks against Trump were completely false.

So, why this impeachment inquiry? Democrats Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi went out on a limb to support impeachment. They are searching for “witnesses” who will say Trump broke the law, despite the evidence proving the opposite.

They conducted closed-door meetings for a month, so that the facts would reach the public. We are seeing some of the transcripts from those meetings and are learning that nobody was able to provide proof that Trump broke the law. This impeachment push is shaping up much like the Russian witch hunt hoax.

After pressure from Republicans and the White House, Schiff was forced to start public hearings. The media wants to spin them as the “beginning of the end” for President Trump (something they’ve been saying since his Inauguration). But one national paper was quick to humiliate the left with a perfect image.

The New York Post released its Wednesday cover late on Tuesday night mocking Democratic House leaders ahead of their public impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump over his July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky…

“Operating in darkness, where he controlled the witness list and leaked snippets of testimony that the Dems’ media echo chamber turned into proof of Trump’s guilt, Schiff has been a first-rate illusionist,” Goodwin continued. Even his exterior calmness is deceptive; he burns with a zeal to kill the king.” [Source: Daily Wire]

As other outlets claim Trump is doomed, the New York Post is calling this impeachment inquiry for what it really is: a circus.

The Democrats have declared Trump guilty long before any evidence has come out. They set out their goal before anything even reached the public. We know this “whistleblower” was colluding with Adam Schiff’s office in secret. Adam Schiff read out a false version of the phone call during the first hearing. It’s clear the left is simply trying to smear Trump. They are not at all interested in finding out the truth.

While Schiff and his fellow travelers loudly declare Trump guilty, they’ve yet to settle on a charge that makes sense to the many millions of Americans who live outside a political hot house. [Source: New York Post]

Democrats are just playing a game, but one that will affect the entire country. They want to remove a president just because they don’t like him. Just because he has the guts to actually put Americans first, not the lobbyist-controlled D.C. swamp.

The New York Post lays it out perfect with this, “The conclusion has always come first — get Trump — then create a justification by weaving a few thin threads together into a noose.” Democrats are declaring Trump a criminal—then they hope to find evidence to back it.

It is a violation of the president’s rights and an insult to our system of justice. Democrats are ignoring our values as a country, over partisan politics. They want to take down a president over nothing. They know their candidates for 2020 are all duds. The chances that one of them will steal the White House are the same as a snowball’s chances in hell.

This is why they are trying to impeach Donald Trump. They think that with him gone, they will have a better chance in 2020. As usual, they are dreaming.

Whatever happens during the public hearings, remember this: Democrats aren’t interested in the truth. They are running a circus to deceive Americans.

But something tells me this will fail, as all their other plans have in the past.

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