Democratic Socialist Elizabeth Warren is trying to turn Americans against other Americans. Her campaign recently released a video, attacking some of the country’s top business people and billionaires. She wants to punish the rich with massive taxes, thinking the rest of us are on board with it. But some of these Americans fired back. They put Warren in her place.

Do you hate the rich? If you’re a miserable, misinformed Democrat, you might say yes. But the reality is, wealthy Americans are an example for the rest of us. Their success proves that anyone can achieve their dreams in this land of opportunity.

Nowhere else in the world can regular people start a business, take risks, and in a short time, achieve such wealth and status. Not everyone will become a billionaire in their lifetime, but don’t you want the chance to try? You might end up very successful, thanks to your hard work and determination.

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren (the left’s presidential frontrunner) think we should be punishing these rich people for their success. She wants to overtax the wealthy, taking their hard-earned money and giving it to bureaucrats (taxes never go to those in need, but flunkies in the government!). Instead of inspiring all Americans to work hard to provide for their families, Elizabeth Warren wants to rob some of us—to enrich the federal government.

She’s no Robin Hood, my friends. She’s a female Karl Marx, a con artist pretending to be our friend.

And she’s forgetting these “evil” billionaires are the ones starting new businesses and creating jobs for the rest of us.

Several billionaires decided to fire back. They let the country know just how dishonest and manipulative this Democratic frontrunner is being.

Billionaire Leon Cooperman, a highly successful investor, lashed out at Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren… saying, “In my opinion she represents the worst in politicians as she’s trying to demonize wealthy people… She’s disgraceful. She doesn’t know who the f*** she’s tweeting. I gave away more in the year than she has in her whole f***ing lifetime.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Woah, those are some strong words. But he’s got a point. As Democrats like Warren wrongfully accuse the rich of being greedy, many—if not all—of them give back in big ways. Yet Warren still wants to deprive them of their wealth. All their money will go to government agencies, which will proceed to throw it down the drain.

A few more Americans chimed in.

Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon said he thought it was a bad idea that Warren was demonizing wealthy people… “you shouldn’t vilify people who worked hard to accomplish things. And so my comment is, I think it’s American society – we’re just attacking each other all the time.”

Mark Cuban also blasted Warren… “But the Senator is like every other candidate. She is selling shiny objects to divert attention from reality… The reality for @ewarren is that this is as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else… Intellectually she knows she is misleading the public. That the chances of getting all the necessary line items she needs for M4All approved within 4 years are nearly impossible.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cuban brings up an important point. Warren (like Bernie Sanders) is one of the richest politicians on the planet. She goes on and on attacking the rich, hoping you’ll forget that she is as rich as they come. Sure, she might not be as rich as Cuban or Cooperman, but she’s got the bucks, baby.

Will she be getting taxed heavily under her own plan? Something tells me, no. Warren wants to blast job creators, while she pockets more and more cash.

Funny how that always happens when Democrats are in charge.

The fact remains that Warren’s entire platform is to turn Americans against other Americans. The media accuses Trump of dividing us, when it’s Democrats that do the most damage.

Hey Warren, instead of attacking billionaires, why not encourage them to invest in America? Get them to help their fellow citizens with jobs?

Hmm… I guess that’s all crazy talk, huh?

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