House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, in a round about way, that she disagrees with 2020 Democrats’ Medicare for All plan. Specifically, she takes issue with people losing their private health insurance and doesn’t see Medicare for All as a workable solution.

“I don’t think you can decide one day that, in a matter of days, no one will have their private health insurance. I just don’t see that as a path,” Pelosi told CBS News’ Margaret Brennan. “I do think that though people have these exuberance and their why and what excites them about running for office, and that has to be taken into consideration when we make judgments about their policies. Plus, everyone knows that once you’re elected then you have to work together.”

The American people were upset with Obamacare. Not only did the quality of health care plummet but the individual mandate penalized the poor for being just that… poor. People couldn’t afford health insurance so what happened? They had to pay a penalty to the government.

When the Affordable Care Act was merely a proposal, average Americans had issue with it. When it became a reality, we felt the sting of the policy. And, at the time, Obamacare was considered extreme. What’s scary is these 2020 Democrats think Obamacare “doesn’t go far enough” or it can “be improved.” And by improved, they mean the government can dig deeper into your pockets and your medical records.

The fact that Pelosi and former President Barack Obama are telling these candidates that their far-left policies are hindering them should be a warning they listen to. We know they won’t listen though.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Town Hall: Uh Oh: Pelosi Takes Aim at 2020 Dems Promoting Medicare for All

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