Although many Americans are against them, Schiff and the Democrats keep pushing their bogus impeachment inquiry. The left has stacked the deck, trying everything they can from preventing Republicans from having their say.

But one young rep from New York took it to Schiff and co. during recent hearings. And Trump noticed.

From the very start of these hearings, Adam Schiff has been pulling the strings. First, he held secretive, closed-door meetings that prevented information from reaching the public. But even now, with public hearings taking place, the Democrat refuses to give Republicans proper opportunity to question witnesses.

It’s a farce. Schiff knows these hearings will produce zero evidence against the president. So, he is openly fighting Republicans who just want a fair process.

One Republican had enough. She fought back as pathetic Schiff continued his games. And she even held one shady witness’s feet to the fire.

Stefanik took some public swipes at Schiff mocking him at Friday’s impeachment hearing by reading old tweets from when the House Intelligence Committee chairman vowed to have the Ukraine whistleblower testify before his panel. The two also clashed over House procedures…

At one point, Stefanik asked the ex-ambassador whether it was accurate that “defensive lethal aid” that she had pushed for was provided to Ukraine not by the Obama administration, but by the Trump administration.

“That’s correct,” Yovanovitch responded.

Stefanik also asked Yovanovitch about how the State Department under the Obama administration prepped her for her confirmation hearing by coaching her on how to handle questions about Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company that had been the subject of an investigation. [Source: Fox News]

Stefanik boldly took on the swamp all by herself. She refused to let Schiff bully her into silence. When questioning the former ambassador—who has tried to throw Trump the bus—she exposed the facts the ambassador was trying to cover up. Like how the Obama administration denied aid to Ukraine that Trump provided. And how the Obama administration told Yovanovitch what to say about Hunter Biden—which contradicts stories that Obama knew nothing about Hunter’s relationship with Ukraine.

Even Trump took notice of how Stefanik was taking down the left’s scheme. He mentioned her on Twitter, announcing a new star is born.

Adam Schiff continues to conduct these meetings unfairly. He twists testimony of “witnesses” to make it seem like President Trump is guilty. When Republicans simply want to get to the bottom of the truth, their time is cut short, they are interrupted, and they are bullied. He did this frequently to Stefanik throughout the entire process.

Funny how a party that pretends to care about women’s rights—who claim to be feminists—has no problem with Schiff harassing a female member of Congress when she’s doing her job. Schiff frequently interrupted Stefanik, in a clear attempt to prevent her from speaking.

But they accuse Trump of intimidation—and he wasn’t even there!

You don’t have to be a genius to see these hearings for what they are: a circus. The left has zero evidence to back their wild claims that Trump broke the law. Everything we’ve seen since day one of this impeachment sham has showed us that Democrats are grasping at straws.

Schiff’s ridiculous treatment of Stefanik and other Republicans proves how desperate he’s become. But leaders like Stefanik aren’t letting the Democrats push them around. This entire impeachment charade has given Republicans an opportunity to not only stand up for our president, but our entire country.

It’s no surprise that Trump was cheering on Stefanik. If she continues to show that kind of integrity and leadership skill, she will continue to be a star on the right. Others will hopefully follow her lead. We need many more people like her in Congress. Then, perhaps, we won’t have to keep calling it a swamp!

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