Democrats are using every dirty trick they can to stop Trump from getting re-elected. In the super-liberal state of California, they even passed a law that was going to prevent him from being on the primary ballot. It looked like Trump would have to bend to their wishes—or not get the votes he needs. But California Democrats are raging right about now, as their own states Supreme Court ruled this way.

You have to marvel at just how much Democrats hate Donald Trump. It has more to do than just politics, folks. Donald Trump has made good on every last promise he made in 2016. In fact, he has been one of the most successful presidents in recent history. President Trump is actually putting Americans first and we’re all benefitting from it.

For that, Democrats are trying to destroy him.

Right now, House Democrats are trying to impeach him over a phone call. That’s going to end very badly for them.

In California, they passed a law aimed at blocking Trump from getting re-elected. A new law required all candidates running for president to submit five years of their personal tax returns in order to appear on ballots. It was a clear attempt at stopping Trump from getting on the Republican primary ballots—and thus losing votes in the state.

But, by some miracle, the liberal state’s own Supreme Court ruled against it.

The California Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a state law that would have required President Trump to release his tax returns in order to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

Justices in Sacramento said that the law – which required all candidates for president and governor to submit five years’ worth of personal income tax returns in order to be included on primary ballots – was unconstitutional.

“Whatever authority the Legislature may have in defining how presidential primaries are to occur in this state, the challenged sections of the act exceed such authority and are unenforceable,” California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote in the opinion. [Source: Fox News]

Wow! Can you imagine how angry California Democrats are right now? Their own court struck down the law. There is no appeal or recourse after this. Because it was a state law struck down by their state’s Supreme Court, that’s it. That’s the end of the road.

Gov. Gavin Newsom must have thought he was pretty smart when he signed this bill. He and his cronies assumed it would either prevent Trump from running or force him to release his tax returns. Either way, Democrats would win.

We know they have been desperately trying to get his tax returns. Why? Can’t say for sure. They seem to believe that a man who has been in business for decades has been cheating the IRS. Doubt it. I’m sure they’d try to find something in his records to manipulate to make him look bad, which is why Trump has refused to release them.

To try to block him from appearing on Republican primary ballots is a low and pathetic move. It was clearly designed to attack the President of the United States. Even the Democratic-controlled state’s own court said it was unconstitutional.

Imagine being so full of hate toward the president that your own courts have to smack you down!

We know that liberals will stop at nothing to take down the president. Not because he’s a racist (he’s not). Not because his ideas are bad for our country. But because he is exposing their decades-worth of incompetence. And because he is putting Americans ahead of corrupt special interests that control our government.

This ruling will set a precedent for other states. I’m sure New York and others were mulling a similar law. But with this Supreme Court ruling, it establishes that this kind of law is unconstitutional. Any others will be struck down as well.

Keep trying, Democrats. Each new scheme only blows up in your faces.

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