After months of slander and hearings, House Democrats have reached the end of their impeachment charade. Adam Schiff held his public meetings, with “witnesses” giving opinion rather than fact. The American public watched as D.C. swamp dwellers tried to throw the president under the bus. But they couldn’t prove why he should be impeached. Now, all that’s left is for the Democrats to vote and seal their fate. But some are saying Shifty Schiff and the Dems might not even go the limit.

Patriots know that Donald Trump did nothing wrong. Not a single thing he said during his phone call with Ukraine is an impeachable offense. Democrats have been claiming Trump implied a quid-pro-quo or bribery during his interaction with Ukraine. But not a single “witness” that testified during Schiff’s impeachment circus could provide real evidence that Trump broke the law. Case closed.

The left relied on the media to hype up impeachment. They were hoping (as usual) that their allies in the fake news would turn enough Americans against Trump. Then, they could impeach him easily. But it hasn’t turned out that way. As Schiff ended his public hearings, public opinion over impeachment has soured, big time. Few Americans support impeaching the president.

Which might explain why even Schiff seems sheepish about finally doing it.

Newsflash: Rep. Adam Schiff is dithering over impeachment! On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, the House Intelligence Committee chairman claimed that grounds for impeaching President Trump are “not contested” but also said he wants to “discuss this with my constituents and colleagues before I make a final judgment on this.”

…Schiff is panicked that his unfair inquiry has been a complete flop for Democrats. The public is turning against the drive to boot President Trump from office, causing speculation that Democrats will shy away from an official vote to impeach…

Politico reports that Democrats in Trump-won districts, anxious the impeachment drive is destroying their reelection prospects, are begging for help from the national committee. The GOP has unleashed a slew of ads targeting vulnerable Dems, with little response so far. [Source: Fox News]

You might be wondering how could Democrats, after all this time, waver on impeaching Trump now? They’ve been promising their supporters they’d impeach President Trump for years. It was a major promise during the 2018 Mid-Terms. Some Democrats have been talking about impeachment since before Trump even entered office!

Yet now, even Rep. Schiff is getting squirrelly about impeachment’s prospects.

Why? Because there are more than a few Democrats in red states. If they vote to impeach Trump, they could be in big trouble next year. Already the GOP is targetting these Democrats with ads. They can do that, because the RNC is raking in the cash.

That’s another indicator that Democrats are in trouble. As we reported in recent days, Donald Trump and the RNC has raised millions upon millions after Pelosi endorsed impeachment. Democrats? They have significantly less cash on hand, just barely enough covering their debts.

Democrats are floundering. Impeachment has been all they’ve talked about lately. Meanwhile, important legislation (like the USCMA trade deal) has been collecting dust.

On top of that, Democrats have few options that will make them winners. If they back down from impeachment, they’ll be humiliated—and they’ll lose support from their die-hard supporters. If they do vote to impeach, Democrats from red states will be destroyed.

And the case will go to the Senate, where Trump and the GOP will use it as an opportunity to expose Hunter Biden and many other Democrats.

Hmm… looks like the Democrats dug themselves into a serious hole. Not a big surprise they’re waffling on impeachment right about now. No matter what they do, they will doom a large portion of their party members.

All I can say is that it’s a good time to be a Republican—and to support Donald Trump.

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