It’s been nearly two months since House Democrats began their impeachment charade. They conducted closed-door hearings for a month, refusing to reveal details to the public. Then they held public hearings for only two weeks—with “key” witnesses who could not produce evidence of wrongdoing by the POTUS. Now, as support for impeachment plummets, one top supporter is starting to sing a different tune.

We’ve been saying since the beginning that the left’s attempt to impeach the president will blow up in their faces. Why? Because most Americans aren’t on board with removing Donald Trump from office. Sure, Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are. But they’re not the majority in this country.

Why would anyone who is enjoying the lowest unemployment in history want to get rid of the guy responsible for it? Despite what the liberal media says, America is not “suffering.” We are doing pretty well, all thanks to Donald Trump. The only people upset about this are D.C. swamp dwellers, who want to drag us back into the Dark Ages when special interests controlled our country.

After Adam Schiff’s impeachment show ended, polls came out revealing that independent voters (especially in swing states) have grown tired of this. They don’t want Trump impeached. In fact, they want all this nonsense to end. Which means, if Democrats do move forward to impeach Trump, they’ll be going against the will of the people. That wouldn’t work out for Dems, come 2020.

So it’s not a surprise that Democrats are starting to change their tune.

Michigan Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence, a prominent supporter of Kamala Harris who has previously supported the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, abruptly announced Sunday that she no longer saw any “value” in the process and called for her fellow Democrats to throw their support behind a symbolic censure resolution.

Lawrence’s about-face came as polls have shown that independents are souring on the idea of impeaching and removing Trump from office, including in critical battleground states like Wisconsin, even as House Democrats aggressively presented their poll-tested “bribery” case against the president over the past two weeks.

“We are so close to an election,” Lawrence said Sunday on a Michigan radio program, noting that Trump stands little chance of being convicted by the GOP-controlled Senate. “I will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, I don’t see the value of taking him out of office.” [Source: Fox News]

Lawrence admits she is scared about losing her seat. “We are so close to an election,” means, “If we vote to impeach, the Democrats will lose the House for sure.” Um… that’s going to happen anyway, Lawrence.

Your behavior over the last year has been so terrible, none of you might be left within a year.

Isn’t it funny how the people who claim this country is “divide” are the very people trying to divide it? President Trump appeals to all Americans. He seeks to unite the country through economic success and energy dominance. His policies have helped countless Americans thrive. If you try to impeach that, your party just might lose big in the next election.

There’s another reason why Democrats like Lawrence are backing off impeachment. She knows that, if the House votes to impeach, they are basically giving the power to Republicans in the Senate. You know how Adam Schiff refused to let House Republicans have any say in his impeachment farce. But if they impeach Trump, the case goes to the Senate.

Which means Mitch, Lindsey, and the rest will be grilling all the people Schiff tried to protect. I wonder what secrets will come spilling out, after Senate Republicans get to question Hunter Biden, the whistleblower, and so many others?

House Democrats are beginning to realize they’ve stepped on a land mine. The only way to save their skins is to slowly back away from impeachment and just pass a meaningless censure against the president.

But that won’t save them. They’ve been promising impeachment for years. If they back down now, their base will be furious. That alone will result in titanic loses in 2020.

Not that I’m all broken up about it.

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