Democrats have been pushing impeachment for over two months. They held secretive meetings and eventually public hearings. Yet through all the fake news and media spin, we haven’t seen a shred of evidence that proves their claims. Americans are growing tired of their game. At a packed-out rally in Trump’s home state, the president torched the left’s schemes.

It’s amazing to see the effect of the left’s impeachment campaign against Donald Trump. I’m sure they assumed all the media hype would give them a boost. If the mainstream media stirred up every rumor and controversy, then the American people would have to believe Trump did something wrong, right? Then, it would be easy to impeach him!

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they still haven’t learned that fake news doesn’t work anymore. Americans refused to believe the New York Times or CNN. In fact, the more information about the Ukrainian call came out, the less Americans were convinced Trump should be impeached.

Add to that the record fundraising Trump and the GOP enjoyed, as Democrats were trying to impeach him. Republicans were able to haul in millions upon millions of dollars for Trump’s re-election campaign (and other campaigns happening in 2020). Meanwhile, even with the MSM helping them, Democrats brought in a pathetic sum.

Looks like America is not on the Democrats’ side.

President Trump further proved impeachment was failing, when he spoke at a Homecoming Rally in Sunrise, Florida. After moving his permanent residence to the state, he brought together thousands of supporters to jeer at the losing Democrats and celebrate his achievements.

President Trump took the stage in Sunrise, Fla. Tuesday night to address supporters at what his reelection campaign rally dubbed a “homecoming rally” before the start of his Thanksgiving break at Mar-a-Lago, his new primary residence…

The president touted his administration’s record on the economy, noting that the stock market just reached another all-time high: “Everybody’s getting rich and I’m working my a– off.” He also noted the 6.7 million new jobs created under his administration and the almost 600,000 jobs created in Florida since 2016…

He then pivoted to impeachment, accusing what he called “the radical left Democrats” of “trying to rip our nation apart.”

“First it was the Russia hoax, total hoax, a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country,” Trump said. “Now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment, a witch hunt the same as before.” [Source: Fox News]

It’s pretty shocking that Democrats keep pushing the same, tired game. First, it was the Russian probe, which proved to be a witch hunt. So, they accused him of doing the same thing with Ukraine, but with even less evidence. Democrats wanted to impeach Trump over a phone call—but Americans were not buying it.

The results of the impeachment push have been so damaging to the Democrats that Republicans want Trump to keep the debate going. Referring to Republicans, the president said: “They said,’ Sir, can we keep this sucker going a little longer? We’ve never seen anything like it in the polls.” Americans are so sick of the left’s pathetic scheme that they’re dumping them at a record pace.

Imagine if the left kept this up, going into 2020? Americans would be so disgusted, perhaps not one Democrat would get elected! That’s probably why Republicans are so eager to keep this going. And why recently we’ve seen Democrats trying to shy away from impeachment.

At the rally, President Trump slammed the do-nothing Democrats for wasting months on impeachment. Meanwhile, crucial issues have been collecting dust. Specifically, the new trade deal: USMCA. Pelosi has promised to pass it, yet we’ve seen no movement. Democrats are far too concerned with impeaching Trump, which has only blown up in their faces.

Hmm… it’s almost as if they want to give Trump four more years. I’m sure he’s happy to oblige.

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