Remember the migrant crisis? Not that long ago, the media panicked about overcrowded detention centers full of illegal immigrants. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lied about conditions as she cried in front of a fence. The media tried to shame Trump over problems started by Barack Obama. But now, incredible progress has been made. The media is silent.

The migrant crisis started over a year ago when thousands of South Americans marched toward our border. Immigration activists (a.k.a.: Democrats) told them that they’d be welcomed into America if they said they were refugees. These activists even put them on buses to get them into Mexico.

That resulted in hundreds of thousands of people demanding to enter our country all at once. Our border was overwhelmed. President Trump called for a state of emergency—which Congress (including Republican-controlled Senate) tried to overturn. The president sent troops and resources to the border to stem the flood of migrants.

When tasked with supporting Trump—in the form of funds for the wall—Congress denied him. What the hell did these clowns expect to happen? If nothing was done, millions of migrants would have bombarded our country. Did they really think that wasn’t going to end in disaster?

Trump quickly enacted a policy that required migrants to wait in Mexico. Even that was challenged by liberal judges, but Mexico complied. Migrants that refused to wait jumped the border. They knew they would be apprehended and then released into our country (thanks to Obama). But Trump quickly changed policies, keeping them at detention facilities.

Those facilities quickly become overcrowded. Democrats wept over the conditions, even though—again—they refused to help.

President Trump refused to be as useless as Congress. He enacted major changes—through agreements with foreign countries—to end the migrant flood and send people back to their homes. Now, after months of confusion and chaos, we are seeing progress. Not that the media will tell you about it.

Amid a series of sweeping actions from the Trump administration — including the expansion of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that return migrants to Mexico to await their immigration hearings, increased cooperation with countries south of the border like Guatemala, and new border wall — apprehensions have declined dramatically by more than 70 percent since May.

It means that a number of the soft-sided facilities here in Texas, which were packed during the summer, are now sparsely populated by comparison…

There are also security measures in place, including rapid DNA testing when officials suspect that there is an instance of family fraud.

“We were finding about 30 percent of individuals that were coming across with children have no family ties and often were complete strangers,” Karisch said. “At the height of the summer that number increased to about 50 percent but that has since lowered.” [Source: Fox News]

The crisis that Democrats blamed on Trump is finally subsiding, thanks to efforts by… you guessed it, Trump.

Democrats did nothing as the problem exploded. Then they accused Trump of neglecting these illegal aliens. It seemed they wanted these illegals to just enter the country, no questions asked. The safety of our citizens and our border was the Democrats’ least concerned. Unacceptable.

Only through titanic efforts by the Trump administration and Border Patrol has this crisis calmed. Detention centers are mostly empty. Families demanding access into our country have their cases settled within 60 hours.

Those “horrible” detention centers AOC complained about are stocked with food, water, and adequate facilities. Migrants can even enjoy watching big-screen TVs at their leisure. Much nicer than some Americans have it in inner cities.

All this is possible because Trump scored agreements—not with Congress—but with Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries. He got them to detain and process migrants who reach their countries first, instead of letting them through to us.

But the problem is far from over. We need a border wall to stop all illegal attempts into our country. We need to reform our broken immigration laws. That can only happen if Congress actually works with the president.

I guess we need a new Congress, huh?

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