Liberal news outlet Newsweek jumped the gun when they published a hit piece on President Trump this Thanksgiving. Their story claimed Trump would be tweeting and golfing during the holiday. Instead, Trump surprised everyone with an unannounced trip. It put the left-wing media to shame.

The media can’t help itself, can it? For years, patriots have been calling them out as dishonest and bias. The term fake news has become synonymous with major news institutions. Top news channels, papers, and websites tarnish their reputation over bogus and easily disprovable stories written to slander conservatives and President Trump.

Respect for the media is at an all-time low. Yet these outlets continue on as if nothing is wrong. They seem to be pretending like the ship isn’t sinking. Even as they get exposed for their bias again and again, they claim to be the only ones bringing truth to the masses.

They just don’t seem to learn, do they? That was certainly the case with a recent article from Newsweek. Just as Thanksgiving rolled around, they publish a story entitled, “How Is Trump Spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, Golfing, And More.”

Now a title like that makes you think they are reporting the facts about Trump’s holiday plans. But the opening sentence says, “Trump will probably be tweeting…” They had no idea what Trump planned on doing this Thanksgiving. Yet their title made it appear as if they knew, for a fact, what Trump was going to do.

Fake news, anyone?

President Trump went on to humiliate them majorly. How? This Thanksgiving, he and his wife took an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to spent time with our troops.

The president arrived in Afghanistan just in time to serve troops Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Standing alongside Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, he dished out turkey to roughly two dozen troops at a dining facility decorated with red, orange and yellow Thanksgiving banners and tablecloths. Mulvaney, Barrasso, and O’Brien were also behind the counter.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather spend Thanksgiving than with the toughest, fiercest warriors,” Trump said. “I’m here to say Happy Thanksgiving and thank you very much. As president of the United States, I have no higher honor than serving as commander-in-chief.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow, this is so rich! Not only did President Trump honor and serve our men and women in uniform, but he got to torch the fake news at the same time!

Trump kept the trip a secret until he arrived in Afghanistan. The media could claim that they were tricked, given Trump did say he was going to be in Florida for the holidays. But, really, Newsweek published an article claiming what Trump was going to do without any facts. They didn’t do any research or check any sources. They simply whipped up a hit piece against the president on Thanksgiving, because of their wild bias against him.

They should have known he’d do something like this. Why? Because he did the same thing last year during Christmas. He and Melania flew to Iraq to greet the troops a day after Christmas. We know Trump loves to do this kind of thing. Yet the fake news media appears to be too stupid to realize that.

President Trump flew into a dangerous part of the country, to thank our soldiers. He knew they’d be away from their families during this holiday, so he wanted to do something special for them. That’s the real story we should be talking about.

While there, he announced plans to reopen peace talks with the Taliban, which could mean the return of many more U.S. troops to America.

Maybe Newsweek should check their sources before publishing another hit piece. Or, you know, stop trying to slander the president for no reason.

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