According to the polls, Joe Biden is the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential primaries. But the former VP has a lot of work to do to win over regular Americans. Perhaps that’s why he launched his “No Malarkey” tour. Yep, that’s the name they went with. His first stop: Iowa. It did not go well.

I’m not sure who on Biden’s team came up with a name like “No Malarkey.” I haven’t heard the word “malarkey” used since Humphry Bogard! If Grandpa Joe wants to connect with Millennial and Gen Z voters, he should have come up with a name better than that.

Even though most polls say Joe Biden’s is the Democrat to beat, he doesn’t seem all that confident. Perhaps it’s because all this impeachment news centers around his past dealings with Ukraine—and how his son profited off of it. Many Americans recently learned that Joe Biden interfered with the Ukrainian government, to protect his son’s $50,000/month gig.

To try to butter up “regular” people like you and me, he went to Iowa. Iowa is a big stop on the primary tour, so he absolutely needed to do something to get people to like him. Joe doesn’t have the greatest record when it comes to connecting with people.

Things didn’t go as well as planned when he tried to interact with this one guy.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is desperate to achieve success in Iowa — so desperate, in fact, that he’s embarked on a cross-state listening tour, the “No Malarkey” tour, to interact with Iowa voters and convince them he’s the only frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination that has a chance to beat President Donald Trump…

Joe Biden tried valiantly to speak with the real Americans of the Corn Stalk Cafe but, as reporters on the ground documented, they mostly ignored him…

Asked later why he didn’t say hello to Biden, the “average American” said he didn’t know Biden and didn’t want to.

“I ask the guy if he just wasn’t a fan of Biden’s and he says ‘who?’” reporter Natasha Koreki wrote. “I say the former VP. The man, who farms in the Missouri Valley says he’s never heard of Joe Biden.”

“He says ‘are you serious?’ When I say he was Obama’s veep, I get an ‘ohhhhh. I’m not an Obama fan. This is Republican country,’” Koreki documented. [Source: Daily Wire]

Lol, wow! I’m sure it bruised Mr. Washington Elitist’s feelings, to see a regular American totally ignore him. Not only that, but the man said he didn’t even know who Joe Biden was. That’s a pretty harsh insult, to say the least.

Biden is used to getting his butt kissed from the lobbyists and media in D.C. I’m sure his campaign staff all fawn over the former vice president, bending to his every whim.

But outside that circle of cheerleaders, Biden is forced to face the cruel reality that Americans just aren’t that interested in him.

In fact, the very moment Joe is trying to get a photo op, he meets a man who’s never heard of him!

Social media users were not kind over the “No Malarkey” tour name. The word “boomer” was used quite frequently. The sad reality is that Biden seems as motivated to win this election as a kid going to the dentist. Even his attempts at winning voters in Iowa seemed half-hearted and weak.

Biden, the most well-funded and well-known of the potential 2020 nominees, should be winning in Iowa, but he waited until now to pull together an Iowa operation, putting him months behind Buttigieg, who has been building an Iowa operation since February, in the hopes that an early win there could propel his campaign to further wins later on. [Source: Daily Wire]

When Mayor Pete, a Democrat rife with corruption scandals back home, is eating your lunch, you know the end is near. Keep in mind, Biden is the left’s only chance at beating Trump—because he is the only moderate in the bunch.

If he loses the nomination, the left’s chances at 2020 go from 5% to 0%.

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