Here’s something you won’t see in the mainstream media. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi called for the drafting of Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump. Despite a lack of strong evidence, the Speaker wants to impeach the president—over partisan reasons. But a new poll reveals what national Democrats really feel. And the numbers will have Pelosi sweating.

Americans have grown tired of this impeachment farce. I’m sure you’re one of them. Democrats in the House have been demanding Trump be impeached, honestly, since before he was Inaugurated. It’s been going on for that long.

They tried with the Russian hoax, but failed when even the Special Council cleared Trump’s name. The latest attempt to impeach Trump has been the weakest yet. But Pelosi is moving forward, despite real evidence and growing disgust by the American people.

You probably know that crucial legislation is sitting around while Schiff and Nadler ran their bogus hearings. The USCMA trade agreement—a deal that will end the horrors of NAFTA—has yet to be approved by Congress. That’s only the start of important issues being ignored, as Pelosi and Democrats waste your time and money on impeachment.

But… this is what the left wants, right? I mean, Democrats campaigned in 2018 on the platform of impeaching Trump. So, their base must really demand Trump’s impeachment and removal right?

Well, the hardcore, Trump-hating leftists of the Democratic party might. But the reality is, not every American wants Trump removed. In fact, a shocking number of Democrats actually approve of what Trump is doing.

How many? Rasmussen has the shocking numbers.

26% of National Democratic Likely Voters approve of the job @POTUS is doing on the same morning @SpeakerPelosi announces the drafting of Articles of Impeachment.

Strange days have found us …. [Source: Twitter]

This is pretty huge. Over a quarter of Democrats in the United States actually approve of what Trump is doing.

These are likely voters, by the way. Meaning, people who will actually show up for the 2020 Election.

That might seem like a low number, but we’re talking about Democrats. These are members of the opposing party, people that are supposed to hate the president. But 26% of them actually approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as a president.

That is enough of a margin to make a huge impact on the 2020 Election.

Think about it. Approval among Republicans (depending on the poll you look at) for Trump hovers around 84-95%. So he has them locked down. Another set of polls last month showed that black voter support for Trump is at a staggering 35%. Add to that this 26% of registered Democrats, you have a president that will win by a landslide.

Keep in mind, this poll came out the same day Nancy Pelosi was allegedly obeying her party’s wishes to impeach the president. Impeachment is no small matter. It can, and has, cast the country into virtual chaos. It is a process by which Congress can invalidate the votes of Americans by removing the president from office. It should only happen when concrete evidence proves the president broke the law (as in the infamous Watergate scandal).

At the very least, Democrat approval for Trump should be around 1%. That would suggest at least Democrats are all on board with his impeachment (before considering Republican support). The fact that so many Democrats are approving of Trump’s job means Pelosi is up a creek without a paddle.

What do you think will happen, if the majority of House Democrats vote to impeach? Twenty-six percent of Democrats will turn against them. That will spell their doom in 2020. All those Democrats will remember how their reps tried to destroy a man doing good for the country.

And that’s before we see what Trump will reveal in the Senate trial! Democrats will be decimated beyond all recognition.

You might be wondering, “How could Pelosi do such a stupid thing? Can’t she see how she’s destroying her party?”

There’s an easy answer to that. Pelosi’s just not that smart. Period.

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