For months, Democrats have pushed the narrative that Trump broke the law and must be impeached. But as they drag this charade out, more and more Americans are turning against them. Polls from three battle ground states have Trump beating the left, with voters against impeachment. Refusing to see the writing on the wall, Democrats prepare their articles of impeachment.

You have to really wonder what’s going through House Democrats’ heads during all this. If I had to guess, it would be nothing. Smart, critical-thinking people couldn’t possibily jump on a landmine as badly as these Democrats. What on earth motivated them to push such an unjustifiable and unpopular impeachment as this?

Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over a false whistleblower complaint over a phone call. Pretty flimsy, if you ask me. All the public hearings, testimony, and “evidence” does not come close to proving their accusations.

As this charade’s dragged on, even independent voters are abandoning the notion. And now, key battle ground states are turning against the Democrats, big time.

Trump won by an average of six percentage points in hypothetical match-ups against all current Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden, who was performing well in head-to-head contests against Trump in polling conducted earlier in the year.

The poll found that a majority of likely 2020 voters surveyed do not support impeaching and removing Trump from office. [Source: Axios]

Sane people would see this report as pretty important. Three states that Trump won last election, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconisn, are going his way again. Plus, their voters don’t support impeaching him.

What does that tell us? That Democrats pushing for impeachment are only hurting their party and perhaps their 2020 candidate.

Instead of seeing this obvious fact, Democrats are not only drafting one articles of impeachment, but two!

House Democrats are preparing to announce at least two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday, Fox News has learned.

The articles of impeachment will focus on obstruction of Congress and abuse of power, but all details aren’t settled yet, Fox News is told. A markup session by the Judiciary Committee to prepare the articles would come either Wednesday or Thursday.

Notably absent from the planned charges was a “bribery” count. [Source: Fox News]

Wow! For months Democrats accused Trump of bribing Ukriane with a “quid-pro-quo.” Yet apparently, they are trying to impeach him over “obstruction of Congress” and “abuse of power.” Whatever those are.

So, their accusations about Ukraine didn’t stick, so they’re just making stuff up now? Trump was 100% in the right to refuse to comply with the House’s bogus impeachment inquiry. But they’re going to impeach him over that?

And what abuse of power? They’ve spent months trying to prove Trump threatened Ukraine. There was no mention of abuse of power. Neither of these accusations were brought before the American people during their hearings. Democrats are changing the rules of their own game, thinking they can pull one over us.

Pathetic. If the Democrats are dumb enough to put forward these two articles, then I doubt they’d even get them passed.

Their entire argument over the last few months is being ignored for new charges. How can any Democrat from a red state support such a trick? Do Democrats think they can just impeach the president over anything? Do they think this really is just a game?

In fact, Democrat actually conducted “focus groups” and learned that bribery wasn’t impressing voters. Instead, they were forced to come up with another reason to impeach Trump.

Which essentially proves this has nothing to do with seeking justice. This has always been a political game for Democrats, who are trying to remove a president for their own benefit.

Why do we even put up with these people?

Democrats have proven they don’t care about this country or our democracy. They care only about holding onto their power—no matter what. The will of the people be damned.

And for that, they will lose their power, come 2020.

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