Even as Democrats scheme to take him down, Trump continues to score one victory after another. He recently appointed yet another federal judge. Joe Biden, seeing Trump’s success, tried to slam the president by making a dark prediction for the future. Trump, meanwhile, ran circles around the struggling candidate.

The real reason Democrats want to impeach Trump? He’s so damn successful. On the same day they announced their bogus articles of impeachment, they were forced to show support for Trump’s historic USMCA trade deal. I can’t over-emphasize how important this trade deal is. It replaces a decades-old deal from President Clinton (backed by many who are still in Congress) which nearly destroyed all American manufacturing jobs.

(You have to wonder about Democrats, who in one breath want to destroy Trump, can in the next give him such a huge win?)

On the same day, the Senate voted to approve yet another judge picked by Trump to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This once radical, left-wing court is being rapidly transformed by the president. This was his 49th circuit appointee and the 173rd federal judge.

Biden, seeing the writing on the wall, predicted nothing but doom and gloom, should Trump get re-elected in 2020.

“Look at how the federal court system is changing,” Biden told a group in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, according to a reporter for ABC News. “Four more years of the same kind of appointments, you’re going to see a court system that is fundamentally, for two generations, locked in a way that’s a death grip that does not make any sense. [Source: Fox News]

Biden calls getting good, conservative judges on these courts a “death grip.” God forbid we have judges that actually respect life, protect our rights, and put the Constitution ahead of the progressive agenda!

This is the real reason Democrats are so obsessed with removing Trump from office. You might remember how they forever disgraced themselves during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. They can’t let Trump appoint more judges to federal courts. Sure, when Trump gets re-elected, he’ll be in office for eight years total. But his judges will be serving for the rest of their lives.

Now you can see why leftists like Biden are so worried.

President Trump, in response, reminded America just how out-of-touch Joe Biden is. In fact, he can’t even keep track of what state he’s in!

President Donald Trump ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday for a series of campaign gaffes: repeatedly forgetting which state he was campaigning in.

“Hey, have you ever noticed where Biden keeps saying he’s in the wrong state?” Trump asked supporters at a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania…

“What is wrong with this guy? What’s wrong with him?” Trump asked. “There’s something wrong … how many times can you do that?” [Source: Breitbart]

President Trump doesn’t seem worried about Joe Biden, does he? Some on the left make it seem like Biden’s the Democrat frontrunner. And he might very well end up running against Donald Trump in the General Election.

But the guy can’t even keep track of which state he’s in. Doesn’t he have staff to tell him where he’s going and what’s going on? Maybe that’s not enough.

Guy is getting old, after all. Not all men have the energy and intelligence that President Trump has.

Biden can whine all day about how successful Trump is at appointing judges. But when Biden can’t even remember where he is—I doubt he’s inspiring much confidence in voters.

The fact remains that, despite the left’s best efforts, Trump continues to fulfill his promises.

Democrats have sealed their fate with a bogus impeachment based not on a crime, but their partisan hypocrisy. They are admitting that Trump has been too successful. He’s put Americans first far too often.

For that, they have violated and abused their power just to take him out.

But, as usual, they will fail.

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