This week, the Inspector General released his report on how the FBI mishandled their investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign. While the report makes it clear that massive mistakes were made, it stopped short of condemning anyone. Former FBI director James Comey claims this report “vindicates” him and what he did. But when asked directly, the IG had another take.

It’s pretty surprising that after all this time, we’re still talking about James Comey. You might remember him as the former FBI head that consistently undermined the president and even interfered with our election.

He’s the guy who dropped the crucial investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server—right as the election heated up. He admitted she broke the law, but said she was off the hook. I guess, if you’re a Democrat, you get special treatment from other Democrats.

Comey also launched an investigation against Donald Trump’s campaign during the election. That investigation continued even as Trump entered office. Comey claimed he wasn’t investigating the president. That was proven a lie, as we learned Comey even had moles in the White House to dig up dirt on the Commander in Chief.

The Inspector General had some serious concerns over how Comey and Obama’s FBI conducted their investigation into Trump’s campaign. We all know the FBI used Clinton’s bogus dossier to get a warrant to spy on Trump staffer Carter Page. The IG’s report revealed that the FBI made 17 mistakes during this investigation, including altering documents to mislead the FISA court.

That sounds like the FBI broke the law to spy on Trump in order to derail his campaign. But oddly, the IG did not condemn anyone in the FBI in his report.

This led disgraced former FBI head Comey to claim victory, saying he has been “vindicated.” That’s not how America sees it, Jim. And when asked, that’s not what the IG says.

In a Washington Post opinion-editorial, Comey claimed he was exonerated by the report, glossing over various mistakes the FBI made during the investigation under his watch. Comey denied the existence of a “criminal conspiracy” to prevent President Trump from winning the White House and claimed the FBI did not spy on his campaign…

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Wednesday shot down former FBI Director James Comey’s claim that the FISA abuse report vindicates him against allegations of wrongdoing…

“I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this FISA,” Horowitz testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. [Source: Breitbart]

Ouch! Comey thought he was out of the woods when the IG report came out. He even wrote an article to gloat about how he wouldn’t be held accountable for the pathetic work his agency did.

But Horowitz shot him down when he said his report does not vindicate anyone who touched the FISA warrant. As head of the FBI at the time, that meant Comey is the one most responsible and the least vindicated.

Let’s be honest, we know Comey and the rest of his team at the FBI (Obama loyalists) were trying to get Hillary elected. He dropped an investigation that would have damaged her campaign. And he let some of his top men run a bogus operation to spy on the Trump campaign. They knew the “evidence” they used to get a warrant was not reliable, but they did it anyway.

All to undermine our democracy.

When Trump defied those odds to win the election, did the conspiracy stop? Of course not.

James Comey continued to seek to undermine the new administration. He used his resources as head of the FBI to search for dirt on the president. All to eventually aid the Democrats in their crusade to impeach a president who’s only crime was putting Americans first.

Does all that vindicate Comey? Quite the opposite. I won’t be surprised if he’s called to give an account of what he did. Especially after AG Barr’s criminal investigation is wrapped up.

This is far from over. The real investigation into election meddling is only just heating up.

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