One of the biggest shakeups over the weekend was the news that Democratic rep from New Jersey, Jeff Van Drew, announced he was becoming a Republican. The congressman was outraged by the left’s partisan impeachment scheme and could stand it no longer. Soon after he made his announcement, the swamp rats from his office were quick to react.

Van Drew’s actions are the very first in the fallout of the left’s suicide-by-impeachment. They thought impeaching Trump over a phone call would win them the love of the country. Instead, they might have doomed their party for years to come. Americans are outraged that the left is trying to remove Trump from office—for doing his job.

We all know it has nothing to do with Ukraine, but with how successful Trump has been.

Democrats can’t stand that President Trump is putting Americans ahead of lobbyists and the D.C. swamp. So, they made up false charges against him to cover up their party’s own crimes.

Pelosi and her goons didn’t realize that many Democrats were in danger. There are at least thirty House Democrats from districts Trump won in 2016. If they vote to impeach, they will lose their jobs in 2020. Already a few of them were smart enough to come out against impeachment. One took the extra step to do the right thing, when he announced he was leaving the Democrats.

A few of his staff panicked and quickly revealed they are nothing more than rats from the swamp.

Five aides to Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., have resigned after the congressman met with President Trump Saturday to discuss switching political parties.

“Sadly, Congressman Van Drew’s decision to join the ranks of the Republican Party led by Donald Trump does not align with the values we brought to this job when we joined his office,” the aides wrote in the Sunday letter addressed to Van Drew’s chief of staff, Allison Murphy…

Trump tweeted his support for the potential switch while Democrats lambasted Van Drew for going across party lines. [Source: Fox News]

Lol, the “values” they brought to the job? Do they mean bowing to foreign interests, embracing socialism, and putting illegal aliens ahead of citizens? Then yes, Donald Trump does not align with your “values.”

These Democratic staffers are most-likely worried that, now that Van Drew is on the Trump team, their corrupt dealings with the left will be exposed.

From emails to documents to memos, everything this office was doing—in coordination with Pelosi and her cronies—might end up in the hands of Donald Trump. These staffers are probably, as we speak, deleting messages, wiping out hard drives, and destroying documents. They are terrified that they will be exposed as the bloated, corrupt swamp dwellers they really are.

But it’s much too late. The Democrats have doomed themselves by backing a totally bogus and unfounded impeachment scheme.

When this impeachment goes to the Senate, Trump will finally have a fair chance at defending himself. He and his lawyers will have the right to reveal every and all shreds of evidence they have been compiling. What will come to light then?

Not corruption on the part of Trump’s administration.

But the years of scheming, lying, and manipulation the crooked Democrats have been doing. Trump will have the chance to testify, under oath. Do you think he’s just going to sit back and smile? These Democrats have been vicious to him, his family, and the millions of Americans who supported him.

Trump will use that chance to decimate the already-failing Democratic Party. And that’s not even mentioning voters from red districts who will turn on those Democrats that vote for impeachment.

Van Drew is the smartest man in the House right now. Because he sees the writing on the wall and realized he needed to make a change. He was brave enough to call out his party’s evil scheme. And he’s taking a big risk to do the right thing.

His staffers are jumping ship, only to realize that it wasn’t sinking. But let’s see how well rats can swim!

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