Not that long ago, “experts” said Elizabeth Warren was the one to beat in the Democratic primaries. Polling had her ahead of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and all the rest. But that’s changed in recent months. As Warren slides behind the rest of the pack, she’s desperately trying to regain a foothold. Perhaps that’s why she just abandoned her biggest campaign promise.

Once upon a time, political pundits were saying Elizabeth Warren had the 2020 nomination all wrapped up. Some even said it was her race to lose. In a crowded field of over 20 candidates, it seems she was coming out on top.

This, despite her poor reputation. You might remember that Warren lied about being a Native American for many years. And even though her DNA test proved she was not from the tribe she claimed, she has yet to apologize.

As a candidate for president, she has joined Bernie Sanders to be one of the far-left loons. To win over the most extreme members of the party, she promised “Medicare for All.” This universal healthcare program was similar to Sanders’. Warren was promising “free” healthcare for every American. The only problem? She refused to explain how she’d pay for it.

Even liberals were hammering her, demanding answers. Finally, she unveiled her plan: with the price tag of over $70 trillion. Worse still, she promised to raise the payroll tax on businesses—which would quickly lead to massive layoffs across America.

Big surprise, her polling numbers began to drop! Now, the socialist is changing her tune.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is abandoning a key element of her platform — her ambitious, expansive Medicare expansion — as her poll numbers tumble in key early primary states…

“After pushing the swift creation of a government-run health care system that would cover all Americans and eliminate private insurance, Warren is now emphasizing her calls for a transition period that would make it optional for most of her first term in office,”

But Medicare for All isn’t popular nationally. It certainly isn’t popular with moderates and independents. And it definitely isn’t popular in battleground states… Warren needs those districts now more than ever, as her poll numbers have plummeted more than 10 points since mid-October, leaving her grasping for early wins. [Source: Daily Wire]

In order to salvage her chances, Warren is now trying to bamboozle voters by saying her healthcare program will be “optional” at least in her first term.

She said that if you want to keep your current healthcare plan, you can.

Hey, where did we hear that before? Oh yeah, when Obama was pushing his healthcare plan.

How did that work out for most Americans? Thanks to Obamacare’s toxic policies and regulations, Americans from every corner of the country lost their healthcare. Some counties had zero options. Millions of Americans were robbed of basic coverage.

They were so outraged, formerly blue states sent a message to the Democrats by electing Donald Trump.

Yet now, Warran thinks she can trick those same people by saying the exact same thing?

Something tells me it’s not going to work. She started out by pushing a radical, expensive, government-funded healthcare program. It was unpopular, so she said it will be “optional.” M-hm, and why should we believe her?

You can’t just flip a switch and change a mandatory program into an optional program. Her intentions have always been to eliminate private health insurance (putting tens of thousands out of work), and forcing us to pay for terrible government healthcare. How is she now altering her program so much to make it non-mandatory?

Unless, of course, she never planned on doing any of this. “Medicare for All” might just have been a phantom carrot, to trick voters into supporting her. She might have never planned on actually doing it once she entered office.

Considering how many times Democrats promised something and never delivered, I’d say that was the most likely outcome of Warren’s terrible idea.

Either way, this flip-flop won’t save her campaign. Not by a longshot.

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