For months, Democrats have spread propaganda that Donald Trump is a criminal and must be impeached. Last night, they finally took the plunge to vote in favor of impeachment. You’d think Americans would be all on board, right? And that Trump supporters would be shaking in their boots? Wrong. As Democrats seal their fate, the GOP made a huge announcement.

Impeachment was never about removing Trump from office. Even now, Pelosi is saying she might withhold sending her articles to Senate—a move that would prevent them from even holding a trial (she hopes). Why would she go to such great lengths to impeach Trump, but try to stop the Senate from removing him from office?

This is what we’ve been saying all along. Impeachment was always going to fail. Democrats were hoping their fake news allies would stir up enough negative press, that Trump’s 2020 chances would be doomed.

After all, they were hoping that their own candidate would talk endlessly about impeachment leading up to November. Perhaps that would sour voters on Trump.

The problem? Donald Trump did not commit impeachable offenses. Polls prove that Americans (even Democrat voters) are against impeachment. And Trump has continued to win again and again for the American people.

He has so much support, in fact, that people are rushing to back him. On the same night Democrats voted to impeach, Trump held a massive rally in Battle Creek, MI. Supporters braved 17-degree temperatures, just to hear him.

And now, the Republican Party just announced another record fundraising month.

The Republican National Committee has announced record fundraising numbers amid the impeachment drive against President Trump, hauling in a whopping $20.6 million in November, according to Federal Election Commission data obtained by Fox News.

The RNC told Fox News that this is the best November on record in party history.

The party currently has $63.2 million in cash — marking the most cash-on-hand it has had since before the 2012 presidential election. [Source: Fox News]

The GOP brought in over $20 million in November. Keep in mind, November was when Democrats were holding their sham impeachment inquiries. Republicans and Trump supporters were opening their wallets big time to show Washington that Trump is here to stay.

According to some polls, impeachment is turning swing voters into full-on MAGA people. Americans are disgusted at how diabolical, dishonest, and destructive the Democrats have been during this entire process.

Americans are not just rejecting impeachment, but they’re going whole-hog in their support of Donald Trump!

And the GOP is using that cash to go on the offensive.

Republicans are specifically using their November success to bolster their “Stop the Madness” campaign, a national counter-impeachment push targeting House Democrats that was launched in September.

Earlier this month, the RNC spent an additional $350,000 for another paid push targeting 29 Democrats in Trump-won congressional districts…

Trump re-election campaign and the RNC have spent nearly $11 million in ads as part of the nationwide push against vulnerable Democrats, many of whom campaigned in 2018 on reaching across the aisle to work with Trump. [Source: Fox News]

The GOP scored nearly 100,000 new volunteers over the month. They have held 140 events from Maine to California, targetting Democrats who previously promised to work with the president.

Americans have seen through the left’s charade. These liberals were never on board with helping the country. These power-hungry crooks have wasted time and money on a bogus impeachment. All to stop President Trump from continuing his work.

Now that their impeachment votes have been cast, what do you think will happen? My guess, the GOP and Trump campaign will see a tsunami of donations. Americans will send a powerful message to Democrats that they will not sit down for their treasonous impeachment.

We are going to see support for Trump explode in the coming months. Democrat candidates for president just might want to quit now.

Pelosi thought she was going to take down the president. In the end, she might have secured his victory—and Republicans victories for years to come.

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