Tucker Carlson is essentially the “black sheep” of the mainstream media.

Virtually everybody in the media hates him, but the American people love him.

And he just proved why after embarrassing a fake news anchor by exposing a jaw-dropping secret.

Tucker Carlson knows exactly how to get under the left’s skin.

He isn’t afraid to talk about the facts that the rest of the media are terrified to bring up.

And in a recent segment of his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, he did just that.

He started the segment by talking about the hypocrisy of Democrats invoking the Founding Fathers in their impeachment fight, when “the left has nothing but contempt for the men who founded this country.”

Carlson goes on to explain that they do this because they are not afraid to straight-up lie.

“So why are they suddenly saying the opposite?” Carlson asked. “Because that’s what the left does. They don’t simply lie. They invert the truth. Whatever they claim you did, is exactly what they themselves are doing.”

As an example, he went on to talk about the overblown fight over “family separation” at the border.

In reality, “family separation” is nothing out of the ordinary.

When an adult commits a crime, they are separated from their family, and when it comes to illegal immigration, that process is actually extremely helpful for young children.

Many of those children brought across the border come with sex traffickers, not their parents.

When they are separated, it becomes much more likely for immigration officials to find out if that is the case, often saving children from a life of sex trafficking.

But the left ignores that fact, and like MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski they lament it as “calculated, cruel separation of children” and “ripping babies from mothers’ arms at the border.”

With that quote, Carlson exposed hypocrisy from Brzezinski, and her husband and fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who called family separation a “humanitarian crisis” and “very hideous.”

Carlson then went on to mockingly talk about Scarborough.

“You could just feel the passion there,” said Tucker. “If there’s one thing Joe Scarborough won’t countenance — if there’s one thing, politics aside, that Joe considers just totally immoral and wrong — it’s separating families.”

After mockingly calling him “old fashioned,” and a believer in the “sacred unit” of “two parents, husband and wife” he went on to expose the secret of Scarborough and Brzezinski.

He goes on to point out that Brzezinski is Scarborough’s third wife, stating, “As Joe’s third wife put it so aptly, family separation is simply ‘calculated and cruel.’ It’s not something decent people do. Just so you know.”

Before marrying his third wife, Scarborough had four children, two each from his previous marriages.

And Brzezinski had two children from her ex-husband who she separated from in 2016.

For somebody who has separated two families personally, Scarborough is talking a big game in his opposition to temporarily separating children at the border.

Do you think Joe Scarborough is a hypocrite?

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Tucker Carlson Embarrassed a Top Trump Critic by Exposing a Jaw-Dropping Secret

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