After months of hype and a partisan vote, Democrats are refusing to send their impeachment articles to the Senate. Pelosi said Trump was worthy of impeachment. She doomed her party by pushing the vote. Yet now she refuses to let the Senate have its say. Sen Ted Cruz called out what she is really doing. And he dropped a bomb on the left.

Most Americans have already rejected the impeachment sham as bogus. Democrats have been talking about impeaching Trump for years. They were hoping they could do it over the Russian collusion hoax. But when that was proved to be a lie (exposed by Mueller himself), Democrats have to change tactics. They made a big deal over a phone call between Trump and Ukraine.

But when it came time for them to vote on impeachment, they could only muster up flimsy non-crimes. And now, even after the House cast their partisan votes, they refuse to send the articles over to the Senate, as required by law. It’s as if Pelosi is too afraid to actually finish the job.

Sen. Ted Cruz called out Pelosi’s scheme, saying what it really was.

“You know, you can’t make this up,” Cruz began. “Listen, I think this is a sign of weakness, that this is a sign she understands just how weak these articles are.”

“And these articles of impeachment that they actually voted on were really an admission of failure,” Cruz continued. “For months, they had been promising all of this evidence of criminal activity. For months, they’ve been talking about bribery, they’ve been talking about quid pro quo, but then they heard all the evidence, and they’ve got no evidence of it…

“This is the first time in the history of our country that a president has been impeached without a single article alleging any criminal conduct. They don’t allege any crime; they don’t even allege any federal law that was violated. This was, at the end of the day, a political response because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats hate the president.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cruz slams Pelosi by saying this impeachment was an “admission of failure.” A great big flop.

To this day, Democrats still say Trump broke the law. But why didn’t they point to any crimes in their articles? Because this is no evidence to prove Trump did anything wrong and should be impeached.

Cruz torches the left over their bogus impeachment scheme. This is only about how much Democrats hate Trump over how successful he’s been.

On top of that, Ted Cruz exposed the real corruption going on in D.C. And it has nothing to do with Trump’s phone call with Ukraine. He pointed to the IG report on how the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign.

“A senior lawyer at the FBI fabricated evidence… [Page was] doing his job. So, the FBI sends an email to the CIA. Says hey, is this guy a source for you? The CIA emails back and they say ‘yes, he’s a source,’” Cruz continued. “The FBI assistant general counsel takes that email and he alters it. He types in the word — so, CIA said ‘yes he’s a source.’ The FBI lawyer types in ‘no, he is not a source.’”

“This was spying on the Republican nominee to be president,” Cruz said. “They sent in multiple confidential human sources wearing wires.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call. Yet there is real evidence Obama’s FBI altered documents and lied to a court to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Where is the outrage? Where are the investigations? Where is justice? Democrats want to destroy Trump over nothing. But they turn a blind eye to real crimes that dwarf Watergate.

If this doesn’t get you upset, you don’t have a pulse. Democrats have decided they will control our country, regardless of our elections. They want to remove the president because they don’t like him. And they refuse to look into real concerns of criminal activity, because it would hurt their party.

What is the only solution? Make sure these crooks never hold public office again.

November 2020 can’t come soon enough.

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