San Francisco was once a cherished city along the West Coast. But today, thanks to its runaway liberal policies, it is a cesspool. Crime is at all-time highs. Drug use is out of control. Homelessness is reaching epidemic levels. And there is literally feces flowing through the streets. What are the city’s leaders doing? Oh, they’re banning a basic need.

California has become the epitome of stupid, liberal leadership. At the center of this far-left idiocy is San Francisco. Honestly, their extreme, terrible ideas would have been considered parody in the 90s. But today, jokes have become real as the far-left Democrats that run the city continue to push it into ruin.

Like other major California cities, San Francisco has a major homelessness problem. This is the result of the legalization of drugs and policies that prevent cops from removing squatters from public places. It’s so bad, regular residents can’t even walk to work without being harassed. Shantytowns crowd the sidewalks, overflowing with garbage, human feces, and of course drug needles.

That’s only the start of the city’s problem. Thanks to idiotic regulation, land developers can’t build housing at a certain height. Old, outdated, and dangerous buildings aren’t torn down to make room for larger, modern housing. The result has been skyrocketing rent and costs of living. This has made it impossible for hard-working Americans to find a decent home.

So, what are San Francisco’s leaders doing about these mounting problems? Well, a few years ago, they banned the sale of water bottles. Okay. Then, they made it illegal for restaurants to use plastic straws. Oh.

Now? They are banning the use of paper cups from coffee shops.

So… about those streets of feces?

First they came for the straws. Then they came for the disposable water bottles. Now San Franciscans, in the same city inundated by public feces and urine, are banning paper to-go cups in order to save the city from the environmental apocalypse.

Fox Business reports, “A growing number of coffee houses in San Francisco are banishing paper to-go cups and replacing them with everything from glass jars to rental mugs and BYO cup policies. What started as a small trend among neighborhood cafes to reduce waste is gaining support from some big names in the city’s food and coffee world.” [Source: Daily Wire]

If you heard circus music while reading that quote, it’s okay. The city is being run by clowns.

San Francisco is facing massive problems. The kind of problems that will lead to economic and social collapse. But is anyone bothering to fix them? No. Instead, they are mounting a campaign that will force you to borrow a mug to buy coffee.

Restaurants are getting rid of paper to-go bags. Others will require you to bring your own cup or return a glass jar. Sure. I’m busy trying to get to work. But I’ll interrupt my busy day to bring back your Mason jar.

Are these people insane? Or are they so out-of-touch with reality, that they’d prioritize something so stupid instead of real problems?

I mean, Rome is burning and they’re just sitting around playing a fiddle.

This ban is even more ridiculous than the now-infamous plastic straw ban. Statistics prove that a micro amount of plastic from CA reaches the ocean. Yet they criminalized handing out straws. But paper cups?

Hey idiots! Paper is biodegradable. It’s good to use paper as it will break down and go back into the earth.

I guess they weren’t thinking about that. They just wanted to virtue signal to the rest of the country, as more homeless people took a crap outside their store.

It’s amazing to watch liberals ignore obvious and real problems to focus on nothing. I wonder what it will take for them to wake up and do something about their city? Businesses and residents are leaving in droves. It will only be a matter of time before it completely collapses.

But hey, at least those pesky paper cups are banned!

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