According to some, Joe Biden is the Democrats’ 2020 frontrunner. Out of all the “winners” running, he might be the only one with a slim chance of beating Donald Trump. But his campaign has been dogged by countless problems since the day he announced it. He recently made a stop in New Hampshire to muster support. It did not go well.

Before Joe Biden even announced his candidacy, he was slapped with controversy. The weeks before he made it official, numerous women (all liberals) came out accusing him of inappropriate behavior. Countless photographs and videos revealed Biden touching women’s hair or standing too close to them. It raised plenty of red flags.

Still, he pressed on to enter the 2020 primaries.

It wasn’t long before more problems arose. The biggest, of course, was how he bragged about pressuring Ukraine to fire a man investigating his son’s employer. This scandal is what sparked Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate. Democrats were so nervous about this, they tried to distract Americans from it with a bogus impeachment.

But we haven’t forgotten.

In fact, numerous Americans wanted to get Biden’s response over these issues. He was in New Hampshire on a campaign visit, when several people called him out. Sure, some might say they were just hecklers. But how Joe responded tells you everything you need to know.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was interrupted by a series of hecklers calling him “creepy” and a “pervert” during a campaign event in Milford, N.H., on Sunday night.

Shortly after Biden started speaking, a man in the back of the room accused him of acting inappropriately, shouting, “don’t touch kids, you pervert.”

“This is not a Trump rally,” a flustered Biden fired back. “This is a democracy.”

A woman then started chanting “quid pro Joe,” before another attendee shouted at the 2020 hopeful, inquiring about Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine. [Source: Fox News]

You have to hand it to these hecklers, they really came up with some clever jabs.

It’s pretty clear Joe Biden was not prepared for them. According to reports, he appeared flustered, quickly becoming angry. It seems like the former vice president has an anger problem.

Once, when a female reporter asked him a challenging question, he violently grabbed her arm, snarling at her. Another time, when a man asked him about his quid-pro-quo with Ukraine, Joe got aggressive, almost violent. Still another time, when a reporter asked him why Iowans should vote for him, he rudely refused to answer her question.

Biden is known for his buffoonery. He can’t help himself when he makes shocking and bizarre gaffes. But underneath all that appears to be a seething rage just waiting to come out.

Joe Biden seems to get angry at the drop of a hat. He demands people treat him like the elite he thinks he is. When he doesn’t get his way (or is asked the “wrong” questions), he lashes out. Not great for a man who wants to be the President of the United States.

The liberal media frequently accuses Trump of having a short temper. But when even confronted by the fake news, Trump is calm, cool, and collected. We’ve never seen him lose his temper or lash out.

Joe Biden doesn’t have that kind of temperament. He doesn’t like it when people hold him to the same standard as everyone else. And he especially doesn’t like it when people ask him about the skeletons in his closet.

To try to distract from these hecklers’ accusations, Joe said, “I’ve released 21 years of my tax returns, how many has yours? What’s he hiding?”

Nice try, Joe. But these people want to know about what you’ve been doing. We don’t care about your tax returns. We want to know if you pulled strings to protect your son. We want to know if you broke the law to protect Hunter Biden’s interests.

And we want to know if all the rumors about your “creepy” touching are true.

All that’s enough to make Americans very worried about your candidacy.

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