House Republican leader Rep. Steve Scalise just tore Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pieces over her ridiculous impeachment charade.

Scalise was asked “Do believe speaker Pelosi is overreaching by trying to influence a Senate trial?”

He responded “It’s not her role to go over to the Senate. She could run for the Senate if she wants to be a senator. The House has a role, the Senate has a role, it’s time for the House to do their job.”

“For months she was saying how important it is that got to remove this president immediately, the threat to their whole way of life and once they pass the impeachment, she doesn’t want the Senate to get the papers to start the trial. They can’t have it both ways.”

“I think people see through the charade, it’s a political charade,” Scalise added. “This is not what our founders intended impeachment to be used for. In fact they wrote about it, Hamilton talks very specifically about the concern that impeachment would be used to carry out a political vendetta instead of to go after a crime.”

“If there was no crime committed, so now all they’re doing is trying to just attack the president personally because their field is so weak on the Democrat side and the president has done such a great job of fulfilling his promises, the things he actually ran on doing.”

Scalise then twisted the knife, “I wish Barack Obama and Joe Biden would have stood up to Russia and helped Ukraine is much as President Trump has helped Ukraine, selling javelin missiles, allowing them to stand up to Russia in ways that Barack Obama and Joe Biden wouldn’t allow Ukraine to do.”

Scalise is right.

What Nancy Pelosi and her nefarious crew of bottom dwelling Democrats have done to this country is a farce wrapped in a tragedy.

Their impeachment of the President is stupid, and silly but also highly dangerous to the future of our republic.

If in the future, every President is impeached when the opposition party takes the House, then we are doomed.

Democrats must be made to pay the price at the polls for their misdeeds and pay hard.

Author: Steve Straub

Source: The Federalist Papers: Steve Scalise Tears Nancy Pelosi to Pieces Over Her Impeachment Charade

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