Democrat’s impeachment scheme has dragged on for months. This hoax, that started in Fall 2019, is now entering the new year. It seems Nancy Pelosi wants to make it last forever. But Republican Senator Roy Blunt spoke about impeachment and what would happen when it reaches the Senate. He predicted something that will have Democrats biting their tongues.

According to polls, Americans have moved on from impeachment. They are not on board with the scheme to remove a winning president from office. As House Democrats wasted months on a baseless impeachment push, President Trump has continued to win for America.

It’s really pathetic to watch the Democrats implode. They hatched their impeachment scheme, hoping the media would convince Americans to support them. They claimed, based on the third-hand testimony of an unnamed whistleblower, that Trump committed a crime. But we all read the transcript ourselves. Very quickly, the left’s agenda was destroyed by Trump himself.

For months, Democrats claimed Trump pressured Ukraine and offered a quid-pro-quo. But when they drafted their articles of impeachment, they only said he abused power and obstructed Congress. Both charges are vague and meaningless and amount to non-crimes. We later learned that pathetic Pelosi held focus groups to figure out which charges sounded best to the public.

Proving once again this impeachment is just a farce for the media.

That’s most likey the reason she continues to refuse to send her partisan articles to the Senate. The Constitution requires the House to send the articles to the Senate for a trial. But Pelosi, defying the law in an unprecedented act of cowardice, said she wouldn’t until the Senate agreed to her demands.

Who’s abusing power?

But she can’t delay it forever. This case has to go to the Senate or things will only get worse for the Democrats. What will happen then? Sen. Roy Blunt made a prediction in a recent interview.

Blunt said, “The State of the Union, the president has been invited by the speaker to give the State of the Union speech on February the fourth. My guess is we’ll be done with this by the time the president comes.”

He added, “I think we should have had enough time for both the House to fairly present its view of why the president should be impeached and for the president, I’d argue for the first time, to have a chance for his lawyers to explain why he shouldn’t be, and then we’ll have that vote and move on.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sen. Blunt said this impeachment nonsense will be over with before the State of the Union. The speech is scheduled for February 4, 2020. Which means Blunt predicts this impeachment will be wrapped up this month.

Blunt explains that the Senate will hold a trial and give the president a fair shot at defense. He and his lawyers will present their case and the Senate will vote. All the fake news, controversy, and rumors will finally be put to rest.

The Democrats were working overtime to drag this out until November 2020. They wanted impeachment to be the nail in Trump’s coffin. Their 2020 lineup is so weak, they knew Trump could beat them blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back. They were hoping impeachment would generate enough negative press for Trump that he’d never win.

But Blunt is saying that before the SOTU address, this will be over. Trump will be giving his speech before Congress and the country. What does that tell you about the outcome of this impeachment?

That the president will be cleared of the charges and remain in office. He will get yet another win over the Democrats. The trial in the Senate will be his chance to finally clear his name.

And his lawyers will present evidence of who was really committing crimes with Ukraine (hint: it wasn’t the Republicans).

Come February 4, 2020, we might be living in a very different world. President Trump will be vindicated and the real culprits will be facing serious consequences.

And to think, all this because Pelosi refused to work with the president!

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