Nancy Pelosi rushed an impeachment vote in the House, only to drag out the process before it reaches the Senate. It’s clear the Democrat does not want Republicans or the president to have a fair shake at this process. She refuses to do her job, betraying the Constitution. So, a Republican senator has had enough and is taking matters into his own hands.

Once upon a time, Nancy Pelosi was against impeachment. We all know this. But she flip-flopped and contradicted her own words to back a partisan impeachment. Some say she was doing this to protect her own seat against radical, far-left primary challengers. Others say the lady’s just getting too old to do her job.

Both might be right.

But after a rushed, incomplete, un-American, and disgraceful job, Pelosi and the Democrats voted to impeach the president. The Constitution demands they send the articles over to the Senate for a trial. Yet Pelosi has slammed the breaks on this entire process because she knows she’s about to lose.

She refuses to send the articles to the Senate so that President Trump can fairly defend himself. This was never about confronting Trump over crimes, but an attempt to damage his re-election chances.

Already numerous Republican senators have expressed their outrage over Pelosi’s abuses of power and reckless behavior. Mitch McConnell has made it clear that he will not bend to her demands. Now, another senator is putting forward a measure that will end this once and for all.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley announced on Thursday that he is introducing legislation that will dismiss House Democrats’ articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump because of Democrats’ abuse of the Constitution…

“Dems said impeachment was URGENT. Now they don’t want to have a trial, because they have no evidence. In real world, if prosecution doesn’t proceed with case, it gets dismissed. So on Monday, I will introduce measure to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution,” Hawley wrote on Twitter.

“This will expose Dems’ circus for what it is: a fake impeachment, abuse of the Constitution, based on no evidence. If Dems won’t proceed with trial, bogus articles should be dismissed and @realDonaldTrump fully cleared,” Hawley continued. “My proposal will take form of motion to update Senate impeachment rules to account for this unprecedented attempt to obstruct Senate trial. Stay tuned.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s about time Republicans actually stepped up and did something about this sham impeachment. Democrats have been running amuck in our government. They have abused their power, obstructed lawful procedures, and denied the president a fair defense. And Republicans have sat back and let them do it.

This impeachment has been a joke from the start. It should have never happened. The fact that Pelosi is too cowardly to finish her job and send the articles to the Senate is further proof this was only a show for the cameras.

Hawley’s measure will put pressure on Nancy to actually finish the job. She will either send over the articles, giving Trump his day in court, or the entire charade will end here and now. Pelosi can’t hold the articles as ransom to coerce the Senate. The Senate has the sole power to hold an impeachment trial. And if Hawley’s measure passes, they’ll simply dismiss it on legitimate grounds.

Who knows what Pelosi was trying to do? Delay sending the articles until November? Keepi them as some sort of sick trophy? Either way, she is violating the Constitution and proving this entire impeachment was a joke.

Hawley’s measure just might pass, thanks to the Senate’s Republican majority. Most Republican senators have expressed disgust over this impeachment. They are particularly upset that Pelosi is dragging this process out with her childish antics. A simple majority vote would be enough to pass Hawley’s measure and end this nonsense.

If Pelosi were smart, she’d just send the articles over right away. But no matter what she does, she’s doomed. She promised impeachment to her radical base but is failing in every way. It’s going to take real grown-ups to step up and clean this mess.

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