The House Democrats pushed a wildly partisan impeachment of Donald Trump. But numerous Democrats who voted for impeachment come from swing districts and districts that back the president. They were warned impeachment would doom their 2020 chances. Now, a new poll reveals what the people back home are thinking of them.

It’s 2020 and we’re still talking about Pelosi’s pathetic impeachment push. Democrats made wild claims about Donald Trump. They accused him of a crime they could not prove. They demanded impeachment urgently, saying our Constitution—our entire country—was in crisis. They denied the president fair representation during their inquiry. Democrats even refused to cooperate with Republican members of their committees.

It was a sham inquiry, to say the least. One that only further proved Trump’s innocent to the world.

What resulted was an impeachment vote where not a single Republican voted yes. In fact, several Democrats joined the right to vote against impeachment.

Among the many that did, nearly fifty Democrats were from districts that went red in 2016. Their supporters voted for Trump and most certainly still back him. They were warned that voting for impeachment could cost them their seats in 2020.

Well, November 2020 is just around the corner. How are these Democrats fairing among their constituents? If you look at this latest poll, it’s not good. Not good, at all.

Voters’ opinions of swing district Democrats soured as they learned that their representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump, according to a poll released Monday.

An American Action Network (AAN) survey, conducted by NMB Research, found that a majority of likely voters across New York’s 22nd Congressional District, South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, and New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District grew a more unfavorable opinion of their representative after they learned about their Democrat representatives’ vote to impeach the president…

The AAN survey found that a majority of likely voters across these three districts oppose impeachment by margins even wider than the margins by which they elected President Trump in 2016…

Fifty-three percent of Rep. Brindisi’s constituents’ impression of him become less favorable after they learn he voted for impeachment. In contrast, only 34 percent have a more favorable opinion of the congressman after his vote for impeachment. [Source: Breitbart]

Uh-oh! Looks like the folks back home are pretty upset their reps voted to impeach. The poll also found that these voters want Americans to decide the who’s the president. It’s almost as if they want democracy, not tyranny!

We’ve been saying this from day one. Democrats pushed a bogus impeachment because they are scared about the 2020 Election. Their candidates are unimpressive. So, they crafted this impeachment scheme, hoping it would hurt Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Boy, has it backfired! Americans rejected impeachment. In the lead-up to the vote, Democrats were bombarded with angry residents at town hall meetings. They assaulted them with accusations. And now we see voters from Democrat swing districts are outraged that their representatives went against their wishes to impeach the president.

What do you think is going to happen to them, come November? Nothing good, I can tell you that.

Democrats can’t stand that Donald Trump is winning so much for America. Despite their constant opposition (and lies spread by their fake news orgs), Trump continues to score one victory after another.

Their only recourse (as they saw it) was to get rid of him was through a bogus, unprovable, and partisan witch hunt. Impeachment was never going to work, because they have no real evidence of a crime. Republicans are united against impeachment. And millions of Americans are ticked off that Congress wasted so much time on it—instead of working with Trump.

The verdict is pretty much in. Democrats from red and swing districts will face a reckoning come November. The GOP will make sure every last voter remembers what they tried to do to our president. Voters will flock the polls, sending a message to those Democrat swamp rats in D.C. You can’t just wrongfully impeach our president and get away with it.

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