Despite President Trump’s incredible success, Democrats continue their wrongful, unprecedented attacks. They have gone as far as impeaching the man, just so he’d stop making America great again. Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, gave an accurate explanation why.

He hammers Democrats to the ground.

It should come as no surprise that an opposing party would not like the president. Donald Trump is a Republican, after all, so we can’t be shocked that Democrats dislike him. But considering the massive successes he’s earned for the United States, even members of an opposing party have to acknowledge it.

The economy is setting new records every day. Trump’s added 6 million jobs. Unemployment (including black, women, and minority) is hitting historic lows. President Trump’s landed major trade deals with foreign countries—including the landmark USMCA deal, which finally gets rid of NAFTA.

And that’s not even mentioning his other victories. He’s gotten two conservative justices onto the Supreme Court. He’s defeated ISIS overseas. He’s securing our border. And he’s managed to intervene in the Middle East without starting another war.

What is there to be upset about? Why would Democrats, across the line, be so violently hateful of the man? Why do their allies in the media spend 93% of their time bashing him, his family, and his supporters? And why have Democrats in Congress wasted the last three years searching for a reason to impeach him?

Franklin Graham has the answer. He called out Democrats for their disgusting actions, exposing the depth of their corruption.

Responding to comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that Trump is “impeached for life,” the prominent evangelical leader and son of Billy Graham sent out tweets offering an explanation for the unprecedented hatred for the president shown by his enemies.

“Never before has there been such a level of hatred as we have seen for Donald Trump from the Democrats & liberal media. Why? It may be because he hasn’t bowed down to them,” Graham wrote…

“This impeachment is about embarrassing President Trump & trying to win the next election,” Graham said. “But I believe American voters see through this never-ending charade.” [Source: Breitbart]

Here’s a little painful dose of reality: for many years, numerous Republicans have bowed to Democrats. We saw that with Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House. Even though Republicans had control of Congress, this man simply rubber-stamped anything Obama handed him.

Ask yourself why Democrats didn’t bother impeaching George W. Bush—even though they accused him of “war crimes”? Why haven’t they gone after other Republican members of Congress, the way they’ve gone after Trump?

Because, until Donald Trump came on the scene, far too many conservative leaders bowed down to the tyrannical left. They refused to fight fire with fire. They refused to get their hands dirty standing up for Americans and our freedoms.

Democrats always had the upper hand, thanks to their control of the media and other major industries. They threatened to destroy any Republican that dared to fight against their agenda of pushing far-left, secular views onto our country. Republicans were actually afraid of fighting them, even though a vast majority of Americans hate liberal policies and want strong, conservative leadership.

Only after Donald Trump took the White House did we see the Republican Party change. People who once claimed to be conservative were actually acting like it. Why? Because they saw a man unwilling to bow down—as Franklin says—to the corrupt, far-left Democratic Party.

For that, the Democrats have employed a radical, torched-earth policy. They lack even a shred of professionalism toward Trump, nor even the respect due to the office of the president. Why? Because they know he’s not another dancing monkey. He means what he says and he’s going to make good on every last promise.

Democrats don’t know how to handle a Republican that actually cares about Americans. So, they’ve gone to the extremes to “impeach him for life,” or oppose him every step of the way.

That’s good enough reason to make sure every last Democrat is voted out of office, isn’t it?

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