After delaying for nearly a month, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats sent their sham impeachment articles over to the Senate. Pelosi has claimed this impeachment was a “grave” and “urgent” need. Yet she refused to send them over for so long. And when she did, she was seen smiling and using special, golden pens. Celebrating so soon, Nance? Well, Sen. Ted Cruz brought her back to earth with some harsh truth.

The impeachment of Donald Trump has been a sham from day one. Democrats were hoping to take him down with the bogus Russian hoax. But even Robert Mueller refused to condemn the man with no evidence. So, the left resorted to Plan B: the phony whistleblower complaint.

From the very start of their impeachment inquiry, we knew the jig was up. They were making wild claims about the president’s actions. But they just didn’t add up to the facts. Pelosi said impeaching the president was a serious thing. That she took no pleasure in pushing a bogus impeachment and forcing her party to vote for it.

Yet through this whole ordeal, she’s been playing games. She sat on the articles for nearly a month, claiming to the fake news that Trump would be “impeached forever.” Which doesn’t even make sense (getting too old, Nancy?). When she did finally send the articles to the Senate, she was seen wearing a garish pink dress and smiling like an idiot. She even provided golden pens (paid for by you, the taxpayer) to commemorate this insult to our country.

But I don’t think Pelosi is smiling, anymore. Because Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped a truth bomb on her and the rest of the House Democrats.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who hypocritically insisted along with other House Democrats that the job of impeaching President Trump was a sad and somber duty, celebrated sending off the articles of impeachment on Wednesday by smiling and offering taxpayer-funded golden pens to those who attended, Senator Ted Cruz (r-TX) had a golden response of his own…

The good news is the partisan circus in the House is over. Nancy Pelosi’s circus is done. And we’re not going to see the one-sided show trial that the House has engaged in for months and months and months. That farce is over…

We’re going to do something that the House didn’t do: which is we’re going to give President Trump a full opportunity to defend himself, to present his case, to lay out the facts and evidence in law that the House ignored. And once the president is able to defend himself, I am confident that the result of that is that the president will be acquitted. [Source: Daily Wire]

Ted Cruz condemned Nancy Pelosi’s bogus impeachment process. He took the wind out of the left’s sails by saying that the Senate will give Trump a fair trial. The president will have the right to lay out the facts and evidence to clear his name. Fact and evidence that we all watched the House ignore.

He called the House articles “ridiculous,” because they don’t meet the Constitution’s high standard for impeachment. Democrats consulted focus groups to find the charges that most pleased their braindead base.

They want to remove Trump from office over vague non-crimes and broken feelings. They can’t stand that he’s doing what Democrats for decades refused to do: put Americans first.

But all this will blow up in the left’s faces royally. Trump will be able to make his case in the Senate trial. The whole world will be watching. What do you think he’s going to do, then? He and his team will not only clear his name, but expose every dirty deed Democrats have committed. He will have the media’s undivided attention. He’s not going to waste that opportunity.

The Democrats played dirty to try to take out your president. But he is going to make them regret wasting your time, money, and patience.

Pelosi will rue the day she ever agreed to put on this circus.

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