In only a few weeks, the first primary votes will be cast for the 2020 Democrat nomination. Yet still, there isn’t a clear frontrunner among the “top” liberal candidates. One of the men running for president, Pete Buttigieg, held a rally in Iowa. Even speaking to his own supporters, he couldn’t get the reaction he wanted. Boy, was it painful to watch.

You’d think, right now, candidates like “Mayor Pete” would have the upper hand in Iowa. Why? Because several of his contenders have been forced to fly back to Washington to participate in the Senate impeachment trial. Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar have been taken off the campaign trail, thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s bogus impeachment scheme.

That gives candidates like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg a chance to capture voters like never before. Sanders can’t hold events. Warren’s hands are tied. Three of the main candidates are out of the picture, perhaps for many weeks. So, you can imagine this is prime time for a person like Buttigieg, who needs all the attention he can get.

How is he handling this opportunity? Uh… not great. Already, he’s made a mess of things—just like he’s made a mess of his city, South Bend.

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg elicited a moment of awkward silence during a campaign event in Iowa that’s sparking comparisons to another viral moment during the 2016 election cycle…

“By having better hands guided by better values on those pulleys and levers of American government,” Buttigieg told the crowd. “So I’m going to look to you to spread that sense of hope to those that you know.”

The candidate took a brief pause, which was met with complete silence by attendees.

“Come on!” Buttigieg exclaimed and awkwardly chuckled, to which the crowd applauded. [Source: Fox News]

The entire exchange was brief, but still painful to watch. Buttigieg was speaking to a handful of supporters. During his speech, I guess he thought he was getting to a momentous part. But when he paused for effect, nobody responded. There weren’t even any “hms” and “ah-has.” Just dead, embarrassing silence.

Mayor Pete had to rouse the crowd by adding “come on” which woke them up out of their comas. As if on cue, they started clapping. You can’t really blame them for their silence. How the heck is a person supposed to react to something like, “having better hands guided by better values on those pulleys and levers”?

What does that even mean?

People are drawing comparisons to this awkward moment with an infamous one by Jeb Bush in 2016. Once again, a candidate struggling to connect with supporters had to egg them on and clap. He literally said, “please clap” to elicit the response he wanted.

Not great, you guys. A powerful leader doesn’t need an “applause sign” to get people to respond the way they want. Have you ever seen Donald Trump pleading with his audiences? Do people need to be told when to clap when Trump is speaking?

The ability to connect and inspire people is something a would-be president needs. Not just to get them excited and to vote. A president has a big job ahead of him. He has to lead the country, overcome numerous obstacles, and see us through hard times.

A good president not only faces opposition from abroad, but intense opposition from within. Just look at how the Democrats have tried to undermine President Trump. Without the undying support of millions of Americans, would be as successful as he is now? I wouldn’t think so.

How can Buttigieg get lawmakers to get on board with his plans, should he enter the White House? How can he inspire foreign leaders to sign agreements? How can he convince opposing parties to put aside their differences and compromise?

If he can’t even get a few people to clap after he talks?

This might not seem like a big thing, but it is. Mayor Pete wants to be the next president, but he can’t even motivate his own supporters.

That’s pretty bad in my book.

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