The Senate impeachment trial kicked off this week. It might drag on for another week or two. Democrats claim removing Trump from office is an “urgent” need, after what he did during a phone call with Ukraine. The left says this entire process has been about holding Trump accountable for that one act. But recently, surfaced video proves that one of the left’s biggest proponents, Chuck Schumer, was gunning for impeachment much longer.

We know there are a few radical, left-wing lunatics in the Democratic Party that have been talking about impeachment since Trump entered office. Namely, Maxine Waters and Al Green. These unhinged, deranged politicians have gone on CNN (and anywhere else they’d be heard) to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump.

They didn’t have any proof of a crime, they just wanted him gone. The rest of the party claimed to not want impeachment, until the whistleblower came out with “proof” of Trump’s wrongdoing. Pelosi claimed to be against impeachment, until she flip-flopped. They said it was urgent to remove Trump because of how he “pressured” Ukraine during the call.

Their entire case against President Trump is built around that call. They say the Constitution is in danger. That removing Trump is a matter of national security. Democrats said they take no pleasure in impeaching Trump.

Then why did one of their main players in the Senate trial talk about impeaching him a year before this process began? Chuck Schumer is leading the charge in the Senate for the removal of Donald Trump. And way before the “whistleblower” came out with his botched complaint, he was pushing for impeachment.

Well before President Donald Trump made the phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that is at the center of the impeachment trial, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was eager to remove the president from office.

Schumer appeared to publicly endorse impeachment as early as September 2018 — nearly 10 months before the July 2019 phone call that triggered a whistleblower complaint.

“When are you all going to impeach Trump?” Schumer was asked while walking in a Labor Day parade.

“The sooner the better,” Schumer said through his megaphone.

“We gotta get a few Republicans,” the New York senator added. “We Democrats are on your side.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Uh-oh. Chucky was caught cheering for impeachment in the fall of 2018. Just a few months before the Midterm Elections, when Democrats were trying to force a “blue wave.” He said the “sooner” Trump was impeached “the better.” He followed that up with a clear explanation of the left’s plan, saying they needed to win over a few Republicans to make it happen (which is what they’re trying to do in the Senate, right now).

Schumer claimed he “misheard” the question and was talking about the next election. Uh-huh, we believe you Chucky. That’s why you said you needed a “few Republicans” to beat Trump in 2020. That makes sense.

Chuck’s behavior undermines the left’s claim that impeaching Trump was sparked by the Ukraine call. Schumer said he wanted Trump removed as soon as possible. He was even apparently strategizing an impeachment plan back in September 2018.

Kind of makes it hard to believe that the Democrats “had no choice” but to impeach, because of the Ukraine call.

Sounds more like they were working on finding an excuse to impeach him for a long time. Then they whipped up a bogus narrative about what he said during a phone call. Only to be humiliated when Trump released the transcripts.

Nobody can really trust what Schumer is saying now. He’s not pushing impeachment because it’s good for the country. He’s pushing it because all this time, he wanted Trump gone. Schumer and the rest of the Democrats can’t sit back and watch the president put Americans first. They can’t stand how much Trump is winning for the country.

So, they are desperate to remove him from office before November. But, I have a feeling he’s going to have a hard time getting those “few Republicans.”

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